Day 19: Dare

Thank you for the opportunity to feature in this year’s 31 days 31 voices.
Let me start by saying this year has been one of the most challenging for me because it’s when I have to start the taking concrete steps towards all I have planned.
I finished housejob this year and it was time to really face the realities of life. There has been a lot of thoughts and dreams while in medical school and through housemanship, and a lot of planning has been going on. Now is the time for me to take actions and start working towards achieving those goals. I will like to highlight how my year went based on some of the lesson I have leant below:

  • The big contrast between talking and doing, planning and executing, dream and reality. Planning or having life goals is just less than half of what is required, trust me. The major thing is how to execute and how to overcome challenges. I faced challenges that make me rethink my steps and ask if the part I have chosen is really what I want in life. But I discovered that after conquering those challenges you then learn to grow bigger towards achieving what you want. It’s a true test of choice.
    Challenges or difficulties. They are actually building blocks. Never be distracted or lose hope by your challenges. It could be very hard and you might ask yourself why is life this hard. Keep facing and just discover that after conquering it, it then looks easy. Smile and move forward.

  • Your never get it right at once. There is always space for improvement. For every time you try and work through a project a goal and discovered you are fine and its perfect, trust me it’s not. Go back to it and you will see there is a way you can make it better. The world is constantly changing. Always keep moving. The best us is always yet to come.

  • Celebrate little success.
    I have always heard it as a point of motivation that for evertime you take a step toward achieving your goal and you succeed at that particular step always feed your reward centers. Not necessarily big celebrations but you can treat yourself. Take a break treat yourself to a meal you have always wanted, so something you always wanted, it helps.

  • Follow your instincts. I have discovered some things about instinct. I guess there are some spaces in our mind that somewhat have a clue about tomorrow. You don’t know why but sometime it just tells you to take a step and you will discover it was a right choice. Always follow it. It helps.

Lastly don’t give up.

Seasons Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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