Day 24: Idowu

I had been thinking, ‘what am I grateful for?’ The devil wanted me to carry a gloomy face this year. I thought about prayers that were unanswered as was my routine this year. I wanted to be sad yet again. I am a young adult with plenty things running through my head. I have plans, projects and prospects that I need to accomplish.

A song crept up in my SPIRIT while I was pondering,
‘Count your blessings, name them one by one
Count your blessings, see what GOD has done
Count your blessings, name them one by one
And it would surprise of what the LORD has done’.
I am indeed grateful to GOD for always being faithful even in my faithlessness and unfaithfulness. HE indeed remained a faithful GOD.
I am thankful to GOD for life and living.
I am thankful to GOD for family.
I am thankful to GOD for friends new and old.
I am thankful to GOD for blessings in the lives of family and friends – the proposals, the weddings, the births, admissions, celebrations, relocations, breakthroughs etc
I am thankful to GOD for the lives I blessed knowingly and unknowingly.
I am thankful to GOD for my lovely Sunday school children and the love they show. I am thankful for the naughty ones that became good and the good that became better.
I am thankful to GOD for I am able to move all parts of my body unaided.
I am thankful to GOD that I didn’t need medical attention this year.
I am thankful to GOD for my housejob experience. Housejob and driving are two things that have taught me that continuous practice makes us better/perfect. There were times I openly sang, ‘Se emi na re OLUWA’. There were things that I thought I couldn’t do but ‘wẹrẹ ni WON ba mi se’.
I am thankful to GOD for my last week and call in LUTH. It was the period of Lassa fever. My team managed a woman with suspected Lassa fever. She had the symptoms and we had to stay in the same room with her with no Personal Protective Equipment(PPE). A couple of my friends asked me if I was in my right senses. They advised me to walk away if PPE were not provided. I even had to perform a procedure on her that a senior colleague of mine was annoyed that I did. I didn’t go home immediately after housejob because I was under ‘surveillance’. I checked my temperature regularly to ensure I didn’t have a spike. I got scared of thirst and thought I had a sorethroat. I cleaned everything I touched. My roommate too had also been exposed but in her case, the patient was actually confirmed to have Lassa fever. I am thankful to GOD that by HIS merices alone, the situation was handled and we are all alive testifying of HIS goodness.

I am thankful to GOD for the weight I lost during the end of housejob. The weightloss was so bad that people were asking me if I was ill. I even started asking myself if I was. Some people were calling me petite. Me! Petite? How nah! I am also grateful for the weight I gained back post-housejob. It got people saying, ‘this LUTH ehn… They can stress people’. So many things have really happened this year. So many things I am thankful for.
I am thankful for the injuries that I had (including the ones sustained from blows during marching), that healed with little or no effort.

I am thankful for the times I got lost while driving, sometimes with no credit, no fuel, no data and most of all no one. The no fuel one is the most recent, I think. I really thought I had fuel. It was just supposed to be a quick dash out and then I am back home. Sometime in my journey I realized my tank was red. Infact, it was on reserve. How did this happen? There was no filling station around and I was still driving on the highway. It was not a funny experience. I said one of the shortest prayers I have ever said in my life and lo and behold, I saw a filling station. Something in me said I was going to have more options but what I had gone through made me run to that filling station. Within 90secs drive, I saw nothing less than 8filling stations. In life, after hard and traumatizing situations, we tend to leap for the first choice that we see. Sometimes, the first choice we see is just the first of many choices that we have.

I am thankful to GOD for people that went out of their way to help me knowingly or unknowingly.

I am thankful to GOD for my baking experiences. Yeah, feel free to get in touch with me for your chocolate, carrot, vanilla, marble and pound cakes, meat, chicken and apple pies and crumbles, cookies, sausage rolls, doughnut, meatballs, barbecue.

I am thankful to GOD for my NYSC orientation camp experience. I wasn’t bitten by the infamous ‘skirt and blouse’; I wasn’t stung by a scorpion; I didn’t have upper respiratory tract infection, neither did I have malaria. I wasn’t picked on by the soldiers, infact I was handpicked for good. I didn’t faint on the parade ground; though there was a time I had to leave the parade ground when central parade was rehearsing. Abeg, I cannot come and kill myself for ‘preshun’. I had fun in camp o. I marched in central parade, did man o’ war drills, was active in my platoon, served in NCCF, cooked in the kitchen, served food, was assistant class captain of my SAED group, camp doctor par excellence and writer. Abeg, it was an experience. I am thankful to GOD for my PPA.

I am thankful to GOD for where Nigeria is and where it is going to. We came out of recession!!!

I am thankful to GOD for HIS goodness and mercies have followed me and would continue to follow me all the days of my life and that of my loved ones and we would dwell in the house of the LORD forever and ever. Amen.

I am thankful to GOD for 2017, it was a year of many firsts and I am thankful to HIM for HE has so much in stock for 2018. Forget, the unanswered prayers. GOD has been faithful. For I know the plans I have for you, thoughts of good and not of evil, to give you an expected end. GOD has been so good and I am thankful to HIM because HE knows the right time for every blessing. HE knows the right blessing.

I think I should just stop here for the sake of the length of the article and continue to count my blessings ‘off camera’. I am thankful to GOD for MzPerry and the lovely readers for making me share my blessings to them. Have a blessed 2018. JESUS is real and coming soon!!! Live a prepared life. Watch and pray!

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎁

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