Day 28: Jesufemi

Thanks Dr Ajayi for the opportunity to write about my experience this year.

2017 has been a year of remarkable growth and change. One of those years that usher in a new phase . I was midway into my Medical housemanship on the first day of the year and I was reflecting as I walked to resume at the neonatal unit. I had written down my goals and prayer requests for the year the night before and I was very scared as to how the year would play out. Taking stock now, God has been so gracious to me.
Midway into the first month, I was posted to a “stressful” unit in obstetrics and gynaecology. This place was a steep learning curve for me. I learnt to pay more attention to the seemingly little things. I learnt the essence of team work. I learnt that leadership was more of followership. I realised some of my strengths and weaknesses. One important lesson I learnt was not to write off a person because of a preconceived notion about them. I learnt to be at my best under pressure. I also learnt to be responsible and accountable.

As I rounded up my housemanship, I was posted to a relatively calm unit. This was where the panic started. It was the middle of the year and I was crawling with the goals I had set. My major prayer requests had not been answered too. It didn’t help matters that a lot of people around me were taking giant strides and though I was genuinely happy for them I was afraid that my own dreams wouldn’t come true. At this low time, God placed good people at strategic positions who helped me with their words, thoughts, actions and prayers. I won’t mention names here but thank you for the counsel, constructive criticisms and opportunities.

2017 had a lot of new phases; I completed housemanship, got engaged, started NYSC (this is also another exciting phase for me). I’m learning more about finance and IT. I reconnected with old friends also. Although I was under stress I learnt to manage it well and to also rely on an inner strength that kept propelling me. God answered all my prayers, some not how I wanted but the best way for me.

Oceans by Hillsong clearly expresses my yearnings for the coming year. I’m ready to do more, live, pray, laugh, and dream some more. See you at the top. Cheers.


Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.

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  1. Awwwww!!!! I had the pleasure of working with you in Paediatrics posting.You were simply awesome .God bless you and your family.Wedding loading I wish u a more prosperous new year ahead and success in all your endeavours babygirl always

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