Hello 2018!

Hey everyone, welcome again to 2018.🎈 It’s been lovely so far, how has your experience been?

This is a year I was definitely looking forward to and I am ecstatic it’s already here! You guys, I got my blogging mojo back!!!! In addition, I’m ready to rock 2018 in full force. Typing this post alone brings memories of how devoted I was. May we never have a better yesterday.

I want to encourage you as always, whatever goal or plan you might have pressed pause on because of life and its craziness, please go back to your first love and drawing board.

I understand life can have different unplanned curves but we move.

So in 2018, I hope y’all read, share my posts with your friends and most importantly drop a comment, please I need massive encouragement. I really want to be more effective with my instagram page, if you’re not following yet, its @Perrystots, what are you waiting for? Please kindly follow and like the pictures. Also, PLEASE kindly share what you’ll like to see on the blog in the comment section below.👇

I was invited to share on Moving from Setting Goals to Doing Goals on a platform and I’ll like to share my note. Enjoy.

What is a goal?

A goal according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is defined as the end toward which effort is directed.

To paraphrase, it is an action or event towards which effort( time, dedication, money) is directed to achieve a desirable result.

Why do we set goals?

  1. To help us focus.

  2. To organize your time and resources.

  3. To monitor progress.

  4. To evaluate achievements and setbacks.

Characteristics of a good goal.

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A- Attainable

R- Realistic

T- Time bound

Various forms: Short term or long term. Goals for career, relationships, family, spiritual, personal development, fun.

Most of us set goals eg new year resolutions; however, at the end of the year, we later realize we didn’t put the required effort or our goals were not SMART!

So, how do we move to doing our goals after setting SMART goals?

  1. Write it down.

  2. Have a schedule.

  3. Work at your goal daily no matter how negligible it might seem.

  4. Break down your goals to small to-achieve list.

  5. Don’t be lazy.

  6. Tell your tribe about your goal so that when you’re tired along the way they can help you on your journey.

  7. Stay committed.

  8. Celebrate your ‘small’ victories.

  9. Pray about it.

  10. Be flexible on your path to execution because no matter how we dream or plan, God comes along the way to put adjustments to ensure the end result is exceedingly abundantly above what we could ever think or imagine.

I hope this has blessed you, thanks for reading and don’t leave without dropping your comment and following via mail.❤️

Love. Learn. Inspire.

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