Tales of A Nigerian Corper. Day 1: Answering the Call.

I was posted to Sokoto, the northern part of Nigeria, for my National Youth Service Corps(NYSC). Hold that thought, let me take you to the beginning; me dialing the number.

About three months ago, I heard it was time to register for NYSC, so between housejob, calls and tired days, I succeeded in registering after several attempts at taking my data capture. When it was time to choose the states, the states available were so funny I laughed clicking away because there was no hiding place. They were states I wouldn’t have ever thought of traveling to, although I cannot remember what I choose but I’m so sure Sokoto wasn’t one of it.

The Big Reveal.

The night we were to get our call-up letter, I slept off and only woke up to answer nature’s call at about 4am when I suddenly remembered call up was meant to be available. And there it was, State of Deployment: SOKOTO as I stared at my phone.
My flat-mate woke up around the same day time and saw Bauchi. Lmao. We just continued our sleep.

How do I get to Sokoto? With the help of my sweet friend, Chimezie, I settled for Lagos to Abuja flight then bus to Sokoto, she even drew a map for me. The flight was good but that bus journey was epic!
I got to Abuja by 9am, but the bus left the park at about 12:30pm. The driver was a drama king, he waited at every state to pick new passengers not minding the journey ahead. He even packed his bus and went to pray without saying anything to us!!

Abuja=> Kaduna=>Zaria=>Zamfara=> Sokoto.

At some point in the journey, two guys who had boarded the bus on the way asked if I was a corper and where I was traveling from, they both shook their head when I told them. They felt sorry for me, at that point I realize I didn’t feel sorry for myself enough.
The journey between Zamfara to Sokoto was the farthest. I was scared.

Finally got to Wamako just before midnight, by the way Sokoto to Wamako was another 30minutes. I had thought once I got to Sokoto the camp was just nearby.

Got to camp, registration had closed. We were checked in by the soldiers at the gate and thankfully I got a brand new mattress. I was worried about getting a bedspace earlier. Yemisi(Colleague from CMUL) had settled in so I just decided to stay in the same room with her. I actually slept well until the noise. Run out!!
I ran out in my nightwear, I had the impression that without your kit you would be excused from the parade. We were later excused after some exercise. It was
14degrees. Thank God for Yemisi’s sweater!

No good pictures yet, trying to settle in.

PS: I’m going to share my daily experience at Sokoto camp here. Subscribe via mail so you don’t miss it and follow Perry’s Tots on IG @perrystots for live scoop. Don’t forget to comment and share post.

Something Interesting.

The other girls in this room!

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  1. I knew your sokoto journey was going to be an experience of a life time.
    Ps silver lining … see all the places you now know and all the things you had to do for the first time!

  2. Aww, my dear. I don’t know what I would do if I get posted to the North.. Maybe, I would sit and cry first, then face the journey ahead AND try to enjoy/make the most of it.

    My prayers and love are with you!

  3. The bit about the driver parking and praying never gets old. I laugh everytime I’m reminded. Now you get a first hand view of just how seriously many low class northerners take their religion.

    The big reveal – ah, this one usually marks the onset of imminent grief, lol. Glad to see you taking it to the chin though.

    I can’t imagine how exhausting the trip was. Worst still is how you got there just before midnight. Incredible.

    Overall, I hope you get through the first week with as few struggles as you can, because just thereafter is where the fun starts. I hope you’ll not forget to pen those ones for us too!

    See you on the next one!

    1. Nigerians are just religious! Regardless of the odd, we take it a day at a time. First week almost over lol, I’ll share my daily experience here.☺️

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