Tales of A Nigerian Corper. Day 2: Hello, How May I Help You?

After few minutes of morning exercise with the ManOWar crew, those of us who hadn’t been registered were excused to do our registration.

I went back to the hostel to change and get my documents so I could begin my registration. As it’s typical of Nigerians, there was a rush and disorderliness and unlike the news of making plenty photocopies of credentials, the maximum needed so far is two. I’m glad I didn’t make so many photocopies. At the queue for verification, people began to insist on doing things in an orderly fashion such that anyone who wanted to wanted to disrupt it was booed. We became united. This reminded me of the power we have as a nation if we unite and stand by what is true.

I moved ahead to get my kit in preparation for the swearing in ceremony. The kit included: the NYSC shirt, a jacket, a trouser, belt, face-cap, two pairs of socks, two white shorts, one jungle boot and a tennis shoe. I was glad everything was my size except the trouser which I don’t have the motivation to adjust for now.

I arranged my stuff and had a shower, munched the biscuit I brought with a drink and the beagle blew! Time for evening parade.😅
We rehearsed for the orientation program and sang the NYSC anthem about forty times, the officials were very concerned about pleasing the governor at the swearing-in program. “The song was not pleasing to the ears so we have to sing it again.” They literally rehearsed every part of the program including their speech lmao. What?! This northerners though.😀

Parade ended and dinner is served! Garri and egusi, my first meal. Food is not so bad, just too much oil. Spent #310 today (bottle of coke and half bag of water) I don’t intend to spend so much in camp. Something interesting- Northerners don’t reject money, even if the money is torn. Lol.

Got to the room, finished writing my blogpost and slept at about 11:30pm. 3am and Yemisi is in front of me, “wake up!” Noooo.😂

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