Tales of A Nigerian Corper. Day 3: Swearing-in Ceremony.

I struggled to get off the bed, dressed up and went back to bed till they blow the bugle. I’m glad for that short nap, as usual, it was very cold but not as cold as day 2, it’s 17 degrees today and I’m better prepared.

We had a long morning devotion and exercise started, this is my favorite part of the morning session, I don’t know how they compose the songs but I’ll share my favorite song on the IG story, so follow @perrystots. It’s usually so cold that the best you can do to help yourself is exercise, my nail bed turned blue before my eyes from the cold.

I got dressed for the orientation and went back to the parade ground, thankfully, the governor and other dignitaries arrived early, by 12:30pm we were done.
On the parade ground, a male Corper said something quite thoughtful; the motto of Nigeria is Faith, Unity, Peace and Progress, but the reason we are the way we are as a nation is because we don’t have faith in ourselves as individuals, groups and a country but if we have faith then we will hope for a better future for our country which will help us to be United towards a common vision then Peace will reign and our Progress will be evident to the world.
I’ve heard side talks from various youths here, some make me feel like giving up and others make me believe Nigeria will be great again.

I got back to the room, had a shower and ate brunch and decided to take a nap. I overslept, I woke up and saw I was the only one in the room! I was so worried about how I would go out without the soldiers punishing me until I saw someone else in the room, she encouraged me not to bother because they were almost done at the field. I’m happy I had that long sleep though.

What I love about the camp: Constant light supply.

Shortly after that, the other corpers returned to the room and I heard the officials were giving out transportation allowance of #1500, so I went to collect mine, had dinner and went back to bed until they bugle blew again which was not meant to be.
We walked to the hall and were asked to go back to the room. I saw we now have an automated teller machine and I made a new friend, Peju.

I’m currently well tucked under my duvet ready to hit sleep island but decided to put this post up. It’s 10:45pm and goodnight.💤

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