Tales of A Nigerian Corper. Wamakko Camp, Sokoto.

Hi everyone, I’ve not been able to post for the past few days because I’ve been indisposed and network walked away from our camp, it seems the backlog stress of traveling and adjusting to the new weather came falling on me. I’ve had to leave the parade ground to go to the clinic, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was given some drugs and I went to rest but the next day I felt even worse, I didn’t join the parade at all, I went to get drug refill because they gave daily dose so you had to go back to get for the next day. When I got the drugs I requested to be allowed to sleep in the clinic. I was given preferential treatment as a doctor. Lol I left by afternoon, I didn’t partake in any other activity for the day. Not to worry, I’m much better.

Last Friday night we had our welcome party, which was dry because people were more concerned about the cold and the fact that we had to wake up early the next day. Highlight of the event was the camp director dancing.

So since then, we’ve had social activities at night ranging from drama, dance and comedy. It has been fun filled although the cold will have you check your timepiece repeatedly.


A male Corper who was said to have stolen ten phones, power banks and charger was caught, paraded round the camp and decamped. Stealing in the camp is to its lowest, you might forget your phone in the room and come back to meet it lying exactly where you left it.

We observe the 6am and 6pm wake and sleep of Nigeria respectively. You’re expected to stand at attention wherever you are. The sight is usually beautiful and funny, I’ll try to take a picture without getting caught.

I slept off one night while social nights was ongoing and the soldiers came to the room to wake us, I almost got into trouble, thank God I followed my gut. The other girls caught were made to lie flat on the floor at different locations in the cold, they came back an hour after the social night ended to share their experience. I didn’t say anything, in my heart I was just thankful to God, that could have been me.🙏

We’ve commenced the Skill Acquisition Enterpreneurship Department(SAED) and I joined the Food Processing and Preservation group aka Catering. It’s been interesting so far.

My Amazing Roommates.😂
In a day, three people fell ill, a seizure, one of the funniest ladies in the room became breathless and had to be rushed to the clinic. All the religious sisters said there were witches among us, another wanted to relocate, some were in fear, others said we must do prayer meeting every night. This day just reminded me of the fact that you have to know who your God is and know him by yourself!

Some mind troubling discussions they’ve talked about in the room:
– Women should not remarry after the death of their spouse, rather they should expect and receive compassion and companionship from their children alone.😞

That is my platoon commander, he is so funny. Parade time is comedy session, seeing him alone makes me smile. Even if he wants to punish us, it usually end up been a comedy session. As unserious as my platoon seem, we’ve been leading at all the activities in camp. Platoon 2✌️

I’ve made a few new friends, shoutout to Peju, Ngozi, Solomon and the other people I hope to meet while in Wamakko.

Oh, I’ve done my Man O War challenge where we had to climb a 12feet wall without ladder, we had to use the spirit of teamwork to all climb over the wall without leaving anyone behind, had to climb rope and other daring things. It reminded me of the fact if you’re determined, you can do it afraid!

Although I’m counting down because of the weather, it’s been a nice experience so far especially with the daily morning Man O War drill.😁

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