A Simple Guide to Safe Sexual Health Practices using ABCD.

safe sex

Simple Guide to having safe sex. I have  several encounters with individuals who do not practice safe sex and I want to share about it today.

The youths are the largest group of the Nigerian population and with the corresponding rise in premarital sex and its negative impact- risk of sexual infections including HIV, it has on the sexual health of this population the importance of safe sexual health education cannot be overemphasized.

A sexual activity is safe when the people who engage in the act take precautions to protect themselves from infections spread by sexual intercourse.

Steps to achieving safe sex practices begin with comprehensive education and information using the ABCD approach.

A- Abstain from casual sex.
B- Be Faithful.
C- Condom use.
D- Detect early.
Abstinence is one of the best methods of safe sexual health. This method is free of side effects and risk of sexual transmitted infections (STI). It is as simple as A for apple.
Staying faithful to one partner reduces the risk of transmission of HIV & AIDS. When you have sexual intercourse with one person, you  expose yourself to their previous sexual partners.  Take a test before you have sexual relations with anyone.
We highly recommend the use of condoms to practice safe sex. Always carry a condom around, as some sexual encounters are unplanned.

Keep condoms in bags away from  away from heat and things that can puncture it. Condoms protects you from sexual transmitted infections and prevents pregnancy. Never assume your partner’s status. safe sex

Early detection aids in the management and prognosis of infection. You should take a test for HIV and other STIs if:
– You are starting a sexual relationship with someone new.
– You’re unsure of your partner’s sexual history.
– You have unprotected sex with someone who you’re uncertain about their status.
– Share sex toys with your partner.
– You have piercing or tattoo done at a center with unhygienic standards.

Why you should choose the safe sex life.

A person can have an STI without having obvious symptoms.
It can result in infertility or mother-to-child transmission of infection.

It helps prevent unwanted pregnancy.
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How to wear a condom. VIDEO

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