Life Lately & Taking Stock.

Life Lately & Taking Stock. Hello everyone, trust we are doing great. In two days, we would be saying bye to the third month of the year. How time flies. This past few weeks has been stressful for me; NYSC has been hectic and on the bright side I’ve also had time to reflect on my life’s journey and purpose. There’s no better post to close this month with than to take stock.


Cooking: Egusi and eba. Cooking is not one of favorite things; but when I do, in my head it feels like a creative task. I’m usually willing to add so many natural things to see how the end product tastes. It is usually yum.

Drinking: Water. If you’re a part of my tribe you’d appreciate this fact. I am no longer a Coke addict.  I haven’t had Coke since I left NYSC camp early February. My body feels better. This is a big deal to me and I’m so happy about it.

Reading: A proper marriage by Doris Lessing.

Wishing: I could live the life of my dreams right now but life is about process.

Wanting: every one of my dreams to come true. I have diverse interests and I really want to pursue all. There are just few people who are doing what I want to do which is quite challenging but I trust God for guidance. I also want my IG to look perfect but i wonder what usually happens when it’s time to post.

Playing: Ire by Adekunle Gold. I love that song so much; it reminds me that though the journey may look hazy at the moment, I’ll see all my dreams become a reality.

Loving: myself and my family. Due to the bottleneck in my NYSC relocation process, I’ve had to stay at home for a long while and I’ve come to appreciate my family more. I’ve spent time with everyone more closely than I’ve done in the last six years. Lol My grandma has grown so old, she’s not as active as she used to be but she’s still one of the sweetest person I know. I really enjoy whining her. I no longer have arguments with my dad which is a very good thing. I’ve made peace with how he best believes things should run.

Thinking: about creating new pathways for myself since this clinical life is not my portion. I really want to intern with NdaniTv; maybe try out acting. I’m ready to explore. I am  open to learning.  I have always known my life would definitely not be about one thing. This is me saying to the universe I am ready, bring it on! I am also thinking of cutting my hair; this signifies my willingness to step into the unknown, doing it afraid and letting go of the familiar. I can feel my metamorphosis in my soul.

Learning: about vision board and creating one. To reach out more often to my friends, sometimes because I don’t want to bother them with my issues I forget to reach out and recently I have realized sometimes they need me more than I need to fix my issues.

Dreaming: of saying done to my biggest goal of 2018. Dear Lord, thank you because it is done.

Enjoying: life. Although things are not perfect right now, I am so hopefully and I believe dreams come true.

Appreciating: God for good health for myself, family and friends. I can’t thank God enough for this.

Understanding: that I should continue to focus on my lane and tend my garden.

Almost A Bride

Creating: my books. Almost A Bride is on Okadabooks now for just #750. I’m working on other stories as well to be up there soon.

Hoping: to sort out my redeployment asap and resume work majorly to raise money to fund my dreams so I can truly live the life of my dreams.

Following: Oluwagbeminiyi on Instagram. I admire how she emits positive vibes and  expresses herself and views. I can almost always relate to her experiences. Most times we get to see people in their finished form and there are very few people who let you in on their journey to see that they also feel what you feel and you’d be alright. She helps me remember this phrase, Trust your journey.

Knowing: that nothing extraordinary ever comes from the comfort zone and I shouldn’t be afraid to do it afraid.

Opening: myself to new relationships especially with people I admire in this web space, not being afraid if I would receive acceptance in return.

Giggling: at my siblings. We’ve all gone through a lot and we have scars as proof but most importantly, I’m proud of them all.

Feeling: happy for sharing so openly and freely with you all. I will definitely take stock monthly.

Now it’s YOUR turn. I’d love to know what has been happening in your world? Choose three (or more) words from the list and ‘take stock’ in the comments below.

Love and Light.

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Taking stock

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