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Hello everyone, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone who responded to my last post. I really appreciate your support and encouragement as always.
I just want to encourage us today with the word God spoke to my heart few weeks ago when I was tired, worried and stressed! It seem like my life was on a spiral of bad news, one after the other and I wasn’t having any of it. I wasn’t just physically tired; my spirit and soul was tired.  Lol

I don’t know if you’ve ever been that tired. I was tired of praying, of hoping and believing because “To what end?” Bad things would still happen, whether you pray or fast, so why bother. I was legit angry with God. I didn’t want to talk to Him but something funny kept happening.

Usually as I go about my daily activity I meditate, pray and talk to the holy spirit, I didn’t even realize it was already an habit. So whenever my thoughts wonder and I’m about to talk to the holy spirit, I just say, “Hey Pero, remember you’re angry at God and you’re not on speaking terms with Him.” It’s so hilarious writing about it now. LOL

With each passing day, I was angrier and more sad, tired and nothing made sense, even past events I had laid to rest began to bother me. Why would bad things happen to good people, why would God let my mum die in a car accident on her way to a church program, why would people work hard and still the corrupt people get the fat of the land? I don’t know if you  sometimes have questions for God too.
However, the beautiful thing about this experience was that I had friends who continually reminded me of God’s love to me, although it didn’t make sense at the time but their words were soothing.

As I always say, God blessed me with the best friends on earth. Few days after, I believe my friends or some people were interceding on my behalf, because my heart began to feel lighter and I gradually started talking to God again.
One of my favorite people, aunt M. usually say, “Ask God questions, He would answer you!”
God actually answered my questions, God and I took a stroll through the book of JOB in the bible.

In the beginning of the book, the writer presented Job’s CV, he was a good man, hated evil, honest and influential. Then God asked Satan if he has noticed Job. When I read that I was like, God!!! Why did you have to tell Satan to look for Job’s trouble? Why? To what end? After that discussion, everything in Job’s life went haywire, one bad news after the other.

Lesson 1: When the bad events started, Job said naked I came from my mother’s womb, naked I’ll return. God gives, God takes. God’s name be ever blessed.
As humans, we sometimes get too ambitious than God who has sent us on the assignment. Don’t take things personal.

Lesson 2: Job said to his wife, “We take the good days from God-why not also the bad days?”
Fair-weather believers everywhere, I know I’m on the table I’m shaking. Hehe If this was to be some believers, they would start praying to bind and cast because we’ve been groomed to believe anything that isn’t pleasurable is from the devil. God disciplines the child He loves. The bible says He wounds, but he also dresses the wounds. The same hand that hurts you heals you.

Lesson 3: Job’s friends came to sympathize with him. They sat on the floor for seven days and nights. Do you have friends who can stand by you in your low state? We need to have friends that are spiritually mature.

Lesson 4: Job broke the silence; He asked God questions, He cursed the day he was born. He was not happy. Most times people talk about Job as if he smiled throughout this phase of his life. Infact, he wished he had died at birth. It’s ok to ask God questions, it’s ok to express how you feel.

Lesson 5: Job thought his life had ended. Isn’t it amusing how when we get to a bend along life’s journey, we think we’ve gotten to the end of the line. Job acknowledged the fact that unlike us, God doesn’t look at things the way we mortals do. He is not taken in by appearances. Unlike us, God is not working against a deadline. God lives in eternity, He is timeless yet He is always on time! One of our problems as human is that we are always in a rush; we need to understand that we are eternal beings and we are not limited by time.

Lesson 6: God answers our questions, however, His answers will humble you. At the end of the disciplining, God rewards you beyond your imagination! How do I know? God restored Job’s fortune beyond his former networth.

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Finally, let’s learn to give our burdens to God and not wear ourselves out in carrying load that’s already lifted off our shoulders.


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  1. The line, “As humans, we sometimes get too ambitious than God who has sent us on the assignment,” got me laughing

    So many things I got out of your post. Don’t even where to start.

    Sometimes it looks like the troubles are raining Like God said, “Hey! You are the next Job,” and you are like, “God what is all these? I can’t bear more than this ”

    Thank you for reminding me that God is timeless yet timely.

    I will learn to ask God questions o . Thankful that God’s always rewards us and blesses us beyond our imagination.

    Your book is on my to-buy list I will purchase it pronto. And your vlog, way to go, Perry.

  2. The month of march felt like the worst month of the year, i received so many bad news that i didn’t even know where to start from with my tears and anger to God

    Whew! Thanks for reminding about Job’s story and reminding me that “he wounds, and he also dresses the wounds”.

    I can only say thanks, you dont know how much i appreciate it.

    Congratulations on the start of your vlog btw!

    Keep it up dear!

  3. Seeing Job life from a new perspective has made me to reconsider all the nightmares I had experienced.
    “The same hands that hurt you heals you”

    Yes,he does.

    I’ll learn to be more patient and not give God deadlines.
    Timeless yet he is always on time.

    Thank you
    Thank you for sharing.

    and your vblog, congratulations Perry.

  4. Adepero, thank you for this. It has reassured me of many things. Whatever it is we ever pass through, “God allowed it”. Nothing happens without His permission.

  5. Thanks Perry for this lovely post! Of course God is ALWAYS on time, he is NEVER late. He is Absolutely good! Nothing can change God’s goodness because it’s EVERLASTING! Yes, sometimes, we go through bad times but you know what babes? God remains God!

    1. Thank you Doris, God remains God. This reminded of the song; You’re God from beginning to the end, there’s no place for argument you’re God all by yourself.

  6. It’s been a while here on Perry’s tot but wow. Coming to peep through and seeing the story of Job.

    One thing struck me, Lesson 3. As much as I’ve been looking at the book Job, it just didn’t dawn on me that there can be friends who would actually sit with you on the floor for 7days in order to mourn with you. Like

    But I loved the introductory of the book of Job from The message version, it’s so dope.

    Thanks Perry’s tot.

    I wish to ask, peradventure we look round and find none that can actually stay put during hard times, what do you suggest?

    Look for or wait for?

    1. Hello Gbog, glad to have you visit. We miss you!!!

      To your question, if one doesn’t have friends during hard times then you should review the people you call your friends.

      Look for or wait for?
      I’ll say hold on to God. He’s always there when no one is and the best friend anyone can ask for.

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