Life Lately & Taking Stock: Q2 2018

life lately & taking stock

Hey guys, trust you’re all doing good. The last time I took stock on the blog was in March and glad I’m doing this for the second quarter of the year. It’s amazing to compare notes. By the way, I have to say the last three months has been full of life!

Be happy for this moment, this moment is your life.

Drinking: I’m still going well on my water journey. I would never have thought I could ever.

Writing: You’ll watch it soon.

Feeling: content. The past month is one I’ll likely never forget in my life growth wise. I am becoming! Sometimes the best times of our lives are preceded by the worst moments. I started my Vlog, Perry’s Tots Vlog. If you’ve not seen it, please what are you waiting for? Don’t forget to subscribe.

Want: to see where this metamorphosis leads me. It’s been a journey.

Playing: about 30. You already know I love Adekunle Gold.

Living: life. I finally cut my hair like I shared here. I’ll be celebrating three months naturalista journey in three days. Time really flies. I should do a post on life lessons from doing the big chop. I always learn something from every experience. lol

Met: Joy Isi Bewaji. My God! The day I would never forget. I love love this woman. Very unconventional woman and I learnt so much, so happy I got a free pass to the next session. Her thought process is orgasmic.

Learning: I have learnt to be very flexible in the execution of my plans; I believe that’s a sign of growth. I have learnt being a woman is powerful beyond comprehension. You’re Queen. You reign and you rule. Never let what will they say hold you down. Be you, be on top of your game. Please ladies, marriage isn’t the best thing to happen in life. You have a purpose, aspire, dream, live. In the past few days, I’ve heard stories of older women and the things they contend with in their relationship and marriages.

A lot of people would say ‘sexy’ is about the body. To me, ‘sexy’ is a woman with confidence. I admire women who have very little fear.  Allegra Versace

My God! Women are going through a lot of emotional and psychological trauma just for a mere man. The greatest power is goodbye, don’t be afraid to say it and embrace it. You’ll not die, rather, better will come. Continue to improve yourself and aim higher. Please wipe your face and move on, I know it can be difficult but trust me, better awaits you. You’ll never know if you don’t step out. I feel women sometimes try to pipe low cos of men, my darling, do you! He will either step up or step out for a man worthy of you to take charge. You’re powerful, be strategic and use your power.

Thankful: for friends, family, dreams and the power to execute. I am now a member of Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative, I’m part of the training team and give talk at schools and organizations. Things are beginning to take shape little by little. I celebrated my birthday, I am grateful for life and good health.

Hoping: my readers will buy my two books, Almost A Bride & Love Through My Eyes on OkadaBooks App and subscribe to my Youtube Channel. You guys are really falling my hard, you’re waiting till I blow for you to start famzing me. Issokay.

Thinking: about how someone sending me data as birthday gift makes me happy till tomorrow. If you want to send me birthday gift; I want prayers, plenty of it, data and money.

What has been happening in your world?

Love and Light.

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I have a new vlog up, titled, Are you mentally aware? I talked about depression, my experience and how to seek help or help someone going through depression.

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