Perry’s Tots Fifth Blogiversary|| Meet & Greet.

perrys tots blogiversary

Hello everyone, happy new month guys!!! It’s blogiversary month and Perry’s Tots will be 5, as in 5 inspiring years. Gosh, I’m so emosh right now.

I have this idea which started as a thought that I waved aside. However, I met one of my readers at an event recently and she shared how my blog had inspired her to learn graphic designing, I then thought maybe my idea should not be waved aside. I decided to fly with it and I hope you will support me.

So what is this idea?

It’s a meet and greet to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Perry’s Tots and to meet you my amazing readers. I really want to meet you, take pictures with you, laugh with you, eat with you, gist with you, hug you and have fun with you. There wouldn’t be Perry’s Tots without my awesometastic readers and you make doing this worth it with your encouragement. Yes, there would be book reading of ALMOST A BRIDE & LOVE THROUGH MY EYES written by yours truly. You can purchase both books on Okada books for #750 and #500 respectively.

Where do you come in…

Register by paying and RSVP below.
The meet and greet is slated for 22nd of September 2018 by 2pm. Fee is #2000 and venue is in Ikeja, Lagos. Address will be disclosed to registered participant. Payment should be made to 0114302260 GTBank.

RSVP Here.

Evening of Spoken words, Book reading, Networking, Conversations, Q&A, Giveaway & Games.
Light refreshment will be served.

I look forward to seeing you and you. Come with someone too.

If you’ll like to partner with us, please feel free to contact me at

I did a survey on the blog few months ago and I was only recently able to view the responses. I want to say thank you to everyone who filled the form, your reviews have been duly noted. Someone loves the additional segment (Something I’m Loving, learning or Inspiring) below so I wouldn’t stop it.

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Something I’m Loving.

To The One Who Makes My Heart Beat Fast.
Meeting you in that hall is one of the best moments of my life but I never knew it five years ago.
You poked and stroked till my walls caved in.
The laughter, the surprises, the genuineness of our love was palpable
Oh how infectious it was for all around
Our united spirit could conquer the world
The creativity we shared was boundless
This fire inextinguishable
Our goals became very little as we pushed ourselves to become more
Our collective can-do fire spread faster than a burning bush to illuminate the lives of everyone we met
We were us
Us; a word used to describe two people whose hearts are united in love.
When we tried to term what bounded us as negligible
When we swerved trying not to call what banded us as love
It only made us long deeper for us.
Until we decided this is Us
PS: My Heart is on Fire and I want to tame it by writing.
To Be Continued…

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Love. Learn. Inspire.

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