Day 1: Oluwatomi

I welcome you to the sixth edition of 31Days31Voices, as it’s custom we all get to share our stories around the fire of time. The entries I have received so far are really inspiring and I look forward to an inspirational edition with a heart full of thanks. Take my hand as we ride…🥳
2018. A year of learning I’ll call it.
 It started with learning that forgiveness can be so painful and we might think that we have actually forgiven but we haven’t.
This year I ended my Nysc journey which started in the North and ended in the capital city. It was a wonderful experience and made me realize that growing up is a scam!! Loool!! So much responsibilities, I began to thank God for my parents who took the responsibility of raising my siblings and I with the help of God.
This year also taught me that there’s more to life than marriage not that I didn’t know. I took an online course Spiritual Marriage course (SMC), it was an eye opener, God wants to use you for so much more than just to be called a wife!
Yes he loves the family, infact, he wants our homes to be the rehab for broken homes, to help them learn to rebuild and flourish. I learnt my marriage is a ministry.
I learnt that in the name of being spiritual, I stopped being childlike and was forming maturity in the place of God. However, God shocked me and showed me that I am very vulnerable and wants me not to be childish but childlike in his presence.
You can’t deceive God or yourself, He knows you to the deepest part of you that you never knew even existed! Remember he formed you before your parents were even formed, and had your destiny all planned out.
God also showed me that no man can take his Glory, He will do what He says, that’s what separates Him from other gods. How we think it will happen is not how it eventually happens, His thoughts are not ours and his plans are far from our plans. He just wants us to stay in his rest and let him work while we pray and thank Him.
I planned an outreach  and God took every single glory, He used strangers. I am still in awe of God.
Holyspirit my encourager, inspiration, my cheerleader, my supporter, my number one fan, thank you for helping me realise that speed doesn’t matter when you are going in the wrong direction, making me content with where I am now, it may not look like I’m moving but I’m growing and learning everyday, I’m  enjoying the process with consistency.
I thank God for family, I am an aunt now!! Thank God for strategic relationships, friends that became sisters and brothers in a very short period and imparted so much into my life and my spiritual parents.
Thank God for this season in my life and all the things I have learnt and still learning.
I know the new year has greater things in stock, because God’s plans are always good, and the path of the just shines ever brighter till the perfect day.
The new has started!! Glory to God.
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Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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  1. This resonates with me sooo well. I loved where she said “there is so much more than just to being a wife “ and “marriage is a ministry”. Love this dear, awesome post. Also is it possible to get a hand on the online course she talked about ”spiritual marriage”?

    1. Hello ma,thank you so much !! It’s a course by Debola Deji kurunmi, you can check her on instagram,it happens yearly! The next one will be next year. It’s one you don’t want to miss! Or just send me a mail I have loads of materials ,messages and confessions..thank you and stay blessed

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