Day 3: Rose


2018! How amazing is it that it is almost the end of the year which started like what feels like a few months ago. Looking back now all I can do is just smile and thank God for his grace and blessings.

When I started 2018, I was basically new to blogging, finishing up my MSc. program and “in my head” I had my next plans all figured out; meaning all written up in paper and excited to see it’s fruition, I prayed a lot committed all my plans to God and was ecstatic because I was very hopeful that God was going to answer all my prayers and help me achieve all my written plans/goals for the year of 2018.

Oh, how true is it that God’s plans are not our planned. Anyway, the year started and I was looking at my self, my goals and God and beginning to wonder where I got it wrong. Why you ask? Nothing was going my way at all. Yes i said “My way” because it was all I wanted

even though I was praying I kinda forgot that God always has a perfect plan that most times is different from ours.

Graduation from my MSc. program was beginning to seem impossible, and no I was not failing but I just was not getting to complete my exit requirement whew! yes, everything, was going wrong, applications to

other programs which I was applying to were coming back with the words I hated so much “We regret to inform you” mhen I was devastated, beside myself to say the least, I remember when I finally gave myself

courage and decided to tell my self the truth “suck it up” get to working on what’s in front of you! Which was graduation (and in case you are wondering all these happened only between January February and

March. right I know? I know)  well May 1 came and I defended my thesis and yeah I walked the stage on the 11th of May. I remember walking across the stage as my degree was conferred and smiling so hard and holding back tears (yeah I don’t wear heels often were hurting too) but I was so excited I finally did it. It looked impossible months back but yes I did it. 

I walked back home that day admist excitement asking myself then what next. I got a job God had planned on a different level, got 2-3 job offers as I woke up the next day. Oh! PS: I cried to bed after

hanging out with my friends graduation night.

God has been faithful, let’s not even talk about the days of no money or the days I told myself LOVE was not for me, or the days I cried and spoke words like “you would be fine” “it’s only for a little time”

“this too shall pass.” I was emotionally stressed but thank God for family (my solid spinal cord ) Mumsy (constant prayer warrior, gist partner and

listener) that one God sent man that stuck with me through it all and kept reminding me of how far I have come ,how much God has in store for me and truly his God’s grace has been more than sufficient.

Looking back at the videos of me walking across the stage back in May, DatOneLady (my blog) turning one year on the 9th of December, finding my peace with God, achieving a stronger spiritual life comparing with

2017, ticking 10 out of 14 goals for 2018 and all the other good things 2018 brought I can only say, Thank you God.

2018 taught me to always remember that God has it all figured out even though it might not be the way I want it. 

2018 taught me that my life

would always be a testimony.

2018 taught me that I only just started

that the best is yet to come.

2018 taught me that struggles are always

a stepping stone to success.

2018 also taught me that crying is good

for my soul lol!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance guys.

Thank you Adepero for the opportunity to share.

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