Day 4: Kunle

Hi everyone, it is an honour to be featured in 31days31voices. I want to appreciate the founder of Perry’s Tots for this opportunity. She actually encourged me to write this. I dont know how to write and I hope you don’t get bored. 😁

It’s been an amazing year all round for me. I met my targets in many areas, spent most of my year in a state I was visiting for the first time ‘Edo State’.

NYSC brings out the boss and beast mode in you. It was a great experience. 🙄 I enjoyed living with two amazing nurses, Ayobami and Modupe.

Interestingly it was obvious God had a plan as I was placed within a reasonable distance with two of my roommates during housejob and also very close acquaintances too.

They made Edo State fun for me, and yes! I was a CDS president and I worked multiple jobs.😉

Then all of a sudden tragedy almost struck 2days after Passing Out Parade (POP) It’s still like a dream to me. Fever, joint pains and coca cola coloured urine from no where. My first thought was ohhh Kunle you have contacted severe malaria, little did I know that a lot was still going to happen.

Then my friend Dr Bisoye (friends we hold dear)😎came visiting and was like kunle your nails are white, then I went for some tests and Walla blood in urine, protein and some others. Now the thoughts are rushing in, do you have Lassa fever? 😓😓

Spun my blood sample that night and in 48hours the packed cell volume (PCV) of my blood had dropped from 39%-25%. Immediately I presented at Irrua Specialist Hospital and by the next day I had a PCV drop to  <18%. By the eve of day 3 cerebral hypoxia set in and Walla I was unconscious! I woke up on transfusion. The doctors were struggling to get samples as it hemolysed completely before they could arrive at the lab. I could have been dead I said to myself. Red blood cells hemolysed to <10%😔😔🤕

The next few days would be the recovery phase I received multiple transfusions, that joy when your urine begins to clear.🤣🤣🤣

I walked out of Irrua like a man delivered from the lion’s mouth and from the snare of the fowler! It was a victory walk for me. What the devil thought for evil God turned to good. Sepsis(infection) without a focus (24000 wbc) blood culture didn’t even yield any organism.😐

People stood by me, prayer altars were raised  in more than 6 different states. I have praying folks in my life😁

Beyond the Illness the lessons learnt were numerous, but all in all I am quite grateful to be alive.😊😊😊

Special appreciation goes to Dr. Oluwole, UCH, Lawal and my central hospital people. The youth of the community were great too. 

So please permit me to tag 2018  ‘Rescued from Destruction’🙌🙌🙌

P.S: I tested negative for Lassa fever😋😋😋

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Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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