Day 5: Oshati

When Pero messaged me to write about my 2018, I was so excited because it was an opportunity for me to reflect on this year because at some point in the year, I felt like I was just existing and not truly living. I didn’t get to writing immediately though, procrastination set in and I was too lazy to coordinate my thoughts enough to put them into writing.

Few days to deadline, while I was inside a BR bus with my earphones plugged in to block out all the noise, a song came on which prompted me to write. The title of that song is ‘Prayer’ and the lyrics was about pray through the year, from January till December, and hearing good news all through. At that moment, I realized that that was an accurate summary of how my 2018 was.

January started with me making so many plans as most of us tend to do but of course, most plans didn’t work out as I envisaged. Lol

First quarter.

For the most part of this period, I was preparing for my final professional exams in medical school. It was a really trying period …reading almost every night, attending tutorials, study group meetings in the night. It really wasn’t easy and I’m glad it’s over now. Nothing social at all that period.

2nd quarter.

My birthday, April 14, came as usual and it wasn’t a very eventful day. I’ve never really celebrated my birthday in previous years and I also had internship exams to write that day with my professional exams starting a few days after. I really couldn’t celebrate it.

Professional exams were written and the results came out about 3 days later (April 30th)  I passed my 4 papers at the first sitting! The joy I felt can’t be expressed in words. I felt relieved  that I was finally done with medical school and all the stress of the first quarter paid off.

I was finally free to attend all the events that I had put off previously, attend weddings of my close friends and had other social outings. As it usually happens after school, your family members and older friends asking when you’ll  get married. LOL…getting married is still not in my plans for 2019 so they can keep asking.

While waiting for clearance, induction and all the formalities needed for graduation, I got involved in research with my SR and i enjoyed every bit of it.

3rd Quarter.

Induction date was set for July 18th. We actually had less than a week notice for our induction but most of us had been making plans even before writing the exams so it went okay.  It will remain another of the memorable days in my life.

Then the hustle of house job started. Meeting different people, entering offices , writing exams. It was another annoying period. I finally got a placement in September. Its been stressful, fulfilling, demanding, emotional, so many things.

4th Quarter.

This last quarter has been mostly about my house job. I started with Obstetrics & Gynecology posting. I will be rounding it off by Dec 10. I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve put my self to work and have a lot of hands on which I am grateful for.

Grateful for my colleagues, fellow house officers, senior colleagues for the relationship I have with them all.

This month of December is blessed. I think I achieved some of my set goals and I’m happy about that.

I look forward to 2019. Its the beginning of another journey and I hope to achieve my remaining 2018 goals and my new 2019 goals.

Cheers to new friends, achievements, goals, family members!!

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