Day 6: Seun


(Let your thoughts reflect your journey)

Dear green, purple, black and all the colors of the world,

I guess this will be my third feature on ‘31 Days 31 Voices’. I have also figured that in sharing my experiences with people I also learn from it and the beautiful thing is that the Internet is a time capsule – we can always go back to check on it. So please meditate on these words.

1. ‘… there’s a light at the end of every tunnel’.

This is a beautiful quote that creates grit in people. But this quote can also stop people from being resilient. We shouldn’t’t focus on light so much, light in this case can be peace that we forget the darkness – chaos. To me it seems the tunneled darkness has a lengthy lifespan compared to the light, and just when we get to the light there’s just another tunnel waiting for us. So you see, if you strive just to make the light you’d jump right into another darkness. But if you realize that they both work hand in hand to make you. You will enjoy every moment. Light is not the opposite of darkness.

2. ‘Don’t worry. There’s a better place for us’.

I might not be religious to almost subzero, but I know some energies exist that we might not be able to see even with technology advancement. Christianity is also a religion wether we like it or not. What I am saying is that I am not also a Christian. I have studied wide and I have also practiced many religion and I have decided not to label myself, even atheism – this is also a religion. But no, this isn’t about me.

I have realized that creating a glorious afterlife is a coping mechanism for the pain that this world brings. But who made this pain in the first place?

Why create an afterlife not existential and forget this world we can feel and touch? Why not focus on creating that glorious afterlife in the present time?

You see, we focus so much on the paradise we have promised ourselves that we forget to effect change in this world. This world so existential. How can you trust the future so much that we neglect the present that was once a future. Hope? Faith? Belief? Why can’t you focus on the now? On the present? On this world so existential.

3. ‘We are generally sad more than we are happy.’

Why should I say this. Have I carried any research that says so?

I am a very happy person. Some people think it’s weird because to them it’s not normal – the normal has become the abnormal. Some people think I am trying to cope with things I might suffer from, so I tend to be very happy – the normal has become the abnormal. I remember when I had to rewrite four papers for my examination and people were scared that I was pretty happy, they thought I was still trying to accept it, that I did not have a good insight – the normal has become the abnormal.

But haven’t you noticed that the reason why a lot of us are more sad than we are happy is because we are never satisfied. We focus more on our wants than our needs. I don’t mean material things alone – even with ourselves, achievements, relationship with people. Society (made by us) consistently tells us we are never enough and we try to get to the point of being enough meanwhile it’s just a bottomless pit. So we keep sinking. The rare happy moments are just those instances when someone shines a torch into the pit and for a short while we feel better like we are ascending out of the pit the the light goes of again and w d keep sinking. It’s terrible. An endless cycle of pain with a little bit of joy that worsens the pain when it leaves. Life is terrible. The society(made by us) isn’t healthy for anyone of us but some of us ‘adapt’ and just flow with it while some of us don’t and all we spend our lives doing is trying to get out – the pursuit of happ(y)ness.

Any lack of satisfaction we experience in life is born from this predicament: We are so attached to an imagined inner story about who we are, causing both anxiety and fear, that we forget that the world in front of us isn’t at all dictated by this story; it simply is, in both its beauty and its simplicity. 

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎄

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