Day 8: Tope

I remember writing last year… scratch that I totally forgot I wrote last year until Pero reminded me. She munched what I had written and the prayer she prayed and we both smiled in awe of what the Father had done.

Hi guys my name is TBOG (ask Pero for the meaning) and this is my story…

The last two years have been really crazy. They have been filled with so much pain, regret and hurt. Many people assume these things come from heartbreaks. I learnt that there are dimensions of pain that transcend a heartbreak. I do not pray that for anyone in Jesus name.

I began 2018 pretty much on the same pain-filled path. Maybe with despondency added to it. I wasn’t glad we were in a new year because I couldn’t imagine living the rest of the year the same way my previous two years had been.

In the month of March, I did something very crazy that turned my whole life upside down – in a good way I resigned from my job, with no backup plan. I wanted to spend time with God to get a trajectory for my life. This is not me advising you to quit your job o, you will be hungry ehn. But I knew that was a decision I was to take if I will ever be relevant in the things God had called me to be and to do. It was painful because I was handling so many responsibilities and I had not groomed anyone to succeed me. I believe in legacies, raising a posterity but I also realized that sometimes God breaks everything that you know as normal just to joggle your mind to trust Him and introduce you to greater dimensions of Him you otherwise will never learn in your comfort zone.

I started modelling two weeks after I quit, with nothing to do and no one to talk to, I began to devour books and my bible. I read mehn. I had not read this much in my life. It was as though my life depended on it. Really, it did. Fastforward to May, I got a job. In the most amazing place. I enjoyed work. My bosses are amazing. The atmosphere is serene. I was actually glad I quit my job.

Since the month of May 2018 till date, everything has been working together for my good. You have no idea how many times I have woken up at the dead of the night and just loved up on God because the scripture that says “eyes have not seen, ears have not heard nor has it come into the hearts of men what God is set to do” is so real in my life. I have no idea what God is doing but when I look back I am always like “them that dream” because He has exceeded my expectations. God showed me how fickle my expectations were. He gave me a dream. Now I dare to dream.

Even as I write this, I’m smiling because I haven’t even share the half of it, but this is what I will leave you with, Walk in God’s will. To wait on His promise is really tough, but when you do, everyone that you assume have gone past you will pause to admire you because when God steps into the scene, He takes over!!! God wants to do a lot with you, but you are too scared to let Him. Trust is relinquishing your certainty and embracing His. His certainty is our uncertain reality but His Word is truly all we need to wade past the uncertainty that beclouds us when we let go and let Him.

God is good, I lie not. Trust Him and watch Him come through for you. 2018 started out in pain but has ended in joy. To you out there, though your tears may last the night, joy comes in the morning.

I love you guys, see you in 2019; my year of God’s bountiful blessing.

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎄

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PS: Hey fam, I’m sorry this post is late, there was a technical issue.

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