Day 9: Osetemega

🎶What shall I render to Jehovah for He done so many more for me…🎶


I initially didn’t want to write this year but I remembered I wrote two years ago and promised to make it a ritual but I think lifejust happened. I think in life we get swayed by the seemingunaligned happenings and end up not thanking God for the “little” (a silly description by the way) mercies we receive.

2018 has been a very unique one for me. It was a year I thought I was loosing myself but also where I found new parts of me. Unlike a lot of people, I didn’t have laid out plans for the year.This majorly because I had a backlog of unfinished businessesof 2017. This year was one where I decided to take each day at a time, enjoying it. I wouldn’t encourage anyone to particularly do this but it has its pros as well as cons (Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not entirely a bad idea). You know when they say God doesn’t invest in vain (or how is it said?) I found myself in places where I knew God was making withdrawals on investment. Am I perfect? Oh definitely not, but I encourage everyone to always keep moving. Don’t stop. Don’t losemomentum. Make the best of the heat. Be prepared because when opportunity meets preparation success is inevitable.

This year I experienced first-hand the power of fellowship and prayer. I also realized that many times God is just waiting for us to speak to act. I experienced this a few times and I was like “Wawu, I see you there Lord 😉.”

There is no modesty in not maximizing your arsenals. Know when and how to deploy them. However, practice with them before the day of war.

Like every other human, I had days of tiredness, confusion and exhaustion but I thank God for God, family and friends. I appreciate them daily.

This beautiful wine of 2018 is surely getting sweeter as it finishes. In the coming days, I may be able to shed more light on this but I did like to encourage someone never to give up. The plans God has for you are ye and amen. He wove your intricate parts in your mother’s womb. He planned each day of your life even before you started any. He got your back fam!

2018 left a positive footprint in me and I am super excited and faith-filled for 2019 ✈️✈️✈️

Thanks Dr. P.

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎄

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