Day 10: Cassandra

I am so honoured to be able to retell my 2018 experience and be featured on this blog.😍🤗😁

Thank you Ms Perry for the opportunity to do this again 💕💖 I am not much of a writer but this is a great platform for me to share my thoughts.

The Highlights.

My year began on a high note  when I was posted to a General Hospital for my compulsory National Youth Service Corps program and it was a very fruitful experience . I met several doctors there who took me on and taught me new skills and shared lots of life lessons with me. At the end I became much better not only as a hands on medical practioner but as a person as well. A big thank you to Drs Sanwoolu , Inofomoh, Ajayi, Akinwale, Kuye, Elegushi, Adediran, Adesanya just to mention a few. One of the  major highlights was new friendships formed during weekly CDS meetings  and lasting memories made with  wonderful people like Deborah, Christine, PharmYogi, Wilson, Pius, CephasSpeaks and Omotolani.

Apart from my professional career, my volunteering experience has also been very interesting  this year. I was nominated for some awards in recognition for my humanitarian endeavours and I attended several conferences as a panelist  ,guest and key note speaker.

I had the pleasure of meeting some inspiring young people like Barrister LordWilliams Toby (Founder of Girlhub Africa), Pharm Kachikoby Onyekachi (Medglobe Coordinator), Dr Nwakanma  Chioma  (Dr Zobo), Mrs Anthonia Ojenagbom, Mrs Tewa Onasanya (Excquisite Magazine) to name a few. I hope to build on these relationships and network more in the coming year. I and my team at The Nigerian Child Initiative got some recognition for our work with SDGs and it can only get better next year as well . This year we successfully were able to reach out to over 5000 children and partnered with topnotch NGOs like Linking Hands Foundation and Destiny Trust Foundation.

The Challenges.

As we all know, no one is perfect, I struggled with depression this year 😱 It all began with my posting where I found out that there will be delay in my salary as a result of some corruptive forces .This really saddened me because I knew I would not be able to start fighting or inciting strike action as there is a lot of injustice during NYSC and I will probably just become a statistic and I lacked the ‘connections’ at the Ministry of Special Duties like everyone else appeared to have. Then came my beloved grandfather’s death on my birthday needless to say my birthday will never be the same. My whole family was devastated and took a while to get a grip with this tragedy. I  also had some personal struggles coupled with my mother`s illness to deal with over the year so it took a while for me to take control and enjoy my life.

But thanks to my close relationship with  God, Mentally Aware Initiative counselling, family and friends support and frequent walk in nature I have been able to cope with it and getting a better grasp on how to promote Mental Health and help other people to do so as well.

Hopes and Expectations

2019 will be a year of success,good health ,personal development ,happiness and lots of God`s favour 🙏🙌😇

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎄

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