Day 15: Mayowa

It is always an honour to be featured on the Perrystots’ platform, I appreciate the privilege.


2018 was quite an eventful year for me; I do not remember making new year resolutions nor setting 2018 goals, but it started off really great.


I remember the first day of work, I met an amazing lady that blew my mind on our first meet, and we have had a beautiful relationship (I am making this vague intentionally) since then.


To say the truth, 2018 wasn’t the greatest of years for me generally, I started facing real-time challenges that almost got me crying. Before now, I had a perspective of the world, I planned everything I wanted to do, I thought to an extent, I had my life figured out; in fact, I remember back in school, I had people that looked up to me because I was the typical “most likely to succeed” guy, but I guess I should say life wouldn’t just hand everything to you without a fight.


I used to be of the opinion that, after school, you need to follow your passion, do what you love, be an entrepreneur, etc., the truth is that part is really HARD! without help of course.


Anyway, my highlights for the year would be


 I finally got to serve the nation (It’s not like I love it, but then we just have to). My dad was already asking questions like “Are you sure you actually graduated, you this boy?”


 I joined a New Church – KingsWord (The New), it’s a great family


 I picked up a new musical instrument; I started playing the saxophone, and I was a key member of the band in Camp.


 I made more money from writing this year than any other skill; which is quite ironic because I do not like writing at all, but here i am


 I was favored before a company. I think this was a part of the year that made me feel really great about myself. I entered a board meeting with almost nothing and came out with two deals. it was a thing of marvel.


 After two years of being done with school, I finally had my convocation and it was another moment of joy for me. These were pictures of joy that hung on the walls of my hearts. 

 I learnt more about God, about His love for us and about Christ’s finished works. This year, I found myself understanding God even better.


Most importantly, I have learnt this year how much I need to love myself. This is one thing I never learnt to do over the years, but I was faced with reality. I give glory to God, I understand myself better than I did in previous years, although it doesn’t feel like I had a major achievement, but I think I made a lot of progress.


I know 2019 holds better opportunities, and I look forward to sharing the highlights as well.


Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🎄

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