Day 16: Sallie

2018: The Year I Was Just Basic.


At first, when I saw Pero’s post about the 31 days 31 voices for this year, I overlooked it because I said my year to me was basic, nothing interesting, nobody wants to read a boring story. I realized that my story didn’t have to be perfect or be a fairy tale before people can learn a lesson or two from it, then I saw Seun’s post and I was motivated to tell my 2018 story.


Well this year started with so much gusto for me, I was determined to be a better writer, stop being a procrastinator, perfect my craft, finish my French classes and be a super star, lol. Well I didn’t become a super star to the world but I became one to myself, this year I recorded more personal victories than ever.


After a little bit of retrospection, I no longer saw it as the year I was just basic, I consciously recognized how much I have grown as a person, those successes you record without standing ovation from anyone but yourself. 


Recently I went for a toastmaster meeting and one of the speeches I listened to is how to be a better person, now being a better person is always in respect to who you were in retrospect, if you were good yesterday then be better today, if you were better then be best today. So, I decided to make a bullet point of things I learnt this year that made me a better person.


 Seeking help doesn’t make you weak: A lot of us might find seeking help to be a sign of weakness but it isn’t, it takes a strong person to realize they are overwhelmed and need help, to realize they can’t really overcome the storm alone. Seeking help from people you know they can offer help is very important. This year was the final year “year”,well for the first two months I was simply confused, I was drowning in the new schedule I had, and practically I felt like a “dummy”. Instead of letting the waters drown me, I found the courage and I cried for help, I couldn’t do I got it covered anymore, every senior colleague who had passed through the class became my mentor, my go to person, I was looking for that help to make me stay not just afloat but to swim across successfully.
 Celebrate yourself: I am not used to being weak, so this confused state of mine came with a wave of insecurities, low self-esteem and I felt less than basic. Somehow I took a time to celebrate the little things I did, I even went as far back as celebrating every past successes I had ever had, I took time to always tell myself I wasn’t basic and I am not losing my wonder.
 Show appreciation to those who have been there for you:well there’s never really time, so we have to learn how to create time to really show the people we love and those who love us that they matter. Sometime this year, I realized that every time I called my dad, was to ask him for something but one day I decided to send him a text to tell him how much I appreciate him, and to pray for him. The next day my sister called me telling me your father has been very happy since yesterday talking about how I want to collect big money from him that’s why. Well he was happy, that was what mattered, the little thank you to the people who have done something for us can really go a long way.
 Team work makes the dream work. I had a dream of what I wanted my YBC social events to look like, became the social secretary and along the line it felt like my dream vanished into thin air, it felt like it wasn’t a valid dream.  However God blessed me with a very strong team, creative minds and go getters and with them somehow every dream was realized for every event. As much as you are strong and you pull off things alone, a team oriented in the same goals and visions will be bring about a better execution of your dreams than when you do it alone. 
 Love is beautiful…let those you love know you do: The human heart whether male or female loves to feel wanted, appreciated, loves compliments. So a little of your time schedule can be used in telling them how much they mean to you, how much you appreciate them. You can help them see that they are magic at times where they have forgotten what and who they are. 
 Positive energy is the best energy. “ when you change the way you look at things, the things you see changes”, when you stop focusing on how wrong something can go but on how good it can go, when things happen you stop dwelling only in the negativity and you start seeing and spreading the positivity. You will realize it doesn’t take much to be happy, happiness is a state of the mind, you own your happiness, you design what you see, what you feel and you begin to find a reason to stay happy regardless. I am a girl with lots of mood swings but I got a compliment this year from a close friend who said, “it’s been long you had one of those your mood swings, I am happy for you. Well I made a conscious effort every time I felt like I was withdrawing from a good mood, every time I sensed something is supposed to get me withdrawn and angry, I make a conscious effort to smile and just walk away from it and I can say this year I was happier than I was sad.

Finally, I will say learn to smile always, it can be hard but a deliberate effort is needed to get us from where we are to where we want to be,  a compliment never harms be confident enough about yourself to see the good in others and pass your compliments. New things are not all boring, drop the fear and try new things.

Never forget God.

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots. 🎄🤶

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