Day 17: Seunfunmi

Hello everyone. I want to say a very big thank you to Dr Perry for giving me the privilege of featuring in this year’s 31days…31 voices. I honestly didn’t know what to write at first because when I saw the notice for write up submission, I was at a very low point in my year’s journey and I wasnt seeing anything to be grateful about but thank God for God and Perry who made me see the light. 


I would start by saying God has been and is always faithful to me. I remember anytime I hear people talk about how there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and how their brightest times came right after their darkest moments, I always thought it was a cliche and it’s what we are expected to say so as not to sound pessimistic or something but believe you me, it happened to me this year. 


A lot happened this year to shake my faith in God and in myself but as I type this, I can only look back and realise how great my God has been. He has indeed done exceeding abundantly above all I have ever asked, thought about or even imagined. 

This year started with me taking my first official step into the job market after service year. See drama everywhere. All the talk they give us in school about medical practitioners having no problems getting jobs is all a SCAM!! True, there are jobs ( If you choose to call it that) but I choose to call it slavery. Senior colleagues wanting you to do heaven and earth for peanuts. I just couldnt cry. To top all that,things just started going off course. I lost a dear Aunt of mine ( May God rest her soul). I watched her die while our healthcare system could do nothing to save her (I know there is still hope for Nigeria Sha), my relationship hit the rocks (there’s always a reason for everything), I could go on and on but regardless of what came my way. I still felt His presence telling me that his plans for me are of peace and not of evil to bring me to a future and an expected end. You guys will hear the full testimony soon but for now, I am more convince that Jesus loves me and indeed he is bringing me to a better place because he always has my best interest at heart. 


2019 is already looking interesting and I can’t wait to unwrap it.

I love Perry’s tots family. See you guys in the new year… 🙂


Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🤶

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