Day 22: Joshua

Hi everyone!


It feels surreal writing again after my sabbatical leave from writing my thoughts and experiences as I journey through life.


Pero, I must really commend you for the great work you are doing through Perrystots and your community are so spirited and it is inspiring to know we still have young people that are passionate about storytelling and writing.


Thank you for the privilege to being a part of your community by writing my experiences for 2018. I don’t take it for granted.


What can I say about 2018? It has being the most intentional year for me and I am grateful for everyone who made it a reality.


As a social cause protagonist, working to improve livelihoods and education in under-served communities through ‘Restructure Africa Foundation’. Successful projects in 2018 include GearUp4school, Love and Pint, Bubbles. We impacted the lives of over 10000 persons across Oyo, Lagos, Ogun and Texas, USA.

Service to humanity has been joyful because of the great work our volunteers do, through their commitments, resources and their passion for giving back.


To every Restructure Africa volunteer, we couldn’t have done it without you, we celebrate you and pray that God rewards your labour of love.

This year also birthed other initiatives that God laid in my heart and I am looking forward to better strategy and execution in 2019.


I am grateful for the networks, opportunities, volunteering experiences with other NGOs, speaking engagements, meetups, trainings to mention but a few.


Also, one of my reels for the year is the power of friendship, its value is priceless stones and a constant reminder that even in our highs and low, God uses friendship to remind us of His love and promises for us. I don’t want to mention names but we know ourselves and may the Lord continue to bless and prosper us all.


2018 came with a lot of challenges, I had my depressing moments, rejections, discouragement, disappointments and other things that shook my faith but thanks to God we sailed through.

God doesn’t give man vision without equipping him with resources, strength, validation and wisdom to sail through.


Cheers to a better 2019! I only desire more intentional growth.


Compliments of the season.🎄🤶

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