Day 23: Gbenga

2018 was the year I was stretched to capacity, but in between the stretch, I found fulfillment. 2018 has really defined a part of me that I never expected – my relationship with God. I don’t want to say I’ve intentionally drawn closer to God, He drew closer to me in order to bring me closer to Him because truly, there was a lot of fatal attraction, misdirection and distractions, but when Grace speaks, every other thing has to keep calm.
I’m Summary,  2018
– I didn’t make any new friend but I lost old friends.
– I made a lot of failed promises.
– My social life reduced from 20 – 0.
– I gained more understanding on some kingdom principles.
– I understood Gods love for me that I wasn’t worthy of.
– I turned counselor overnight 😂😂😂😂
– I became a sleepless dude.
– I learned to give more thanks to God than a complaint, it works.
– I learned to build myself to always see the light from the beginning of every tunnel.
– I learned to surround myself with the destiny friends that God has left with me.
In this line, I would like to appreciate Perrystots for her words of encouragement everytime. Sometimes we need to be re-encouraged (its called the gathering of saints when one joint supplies strength for another. Iron sharpens iron).
In all these, I learnt that God is the one who orders the steps of His children.
Compliments of the season Fam.
See you 2019.
Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄🤶
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