Day 28: Jesufemi

Thank you Dr Pero for the opportunity every year😁

2018 started on and is ending on a really happy note. I would call it another defining year in my life. A time I gained more clarity about life and terms and conditions that apply.

The first quarter of the year involved settling in to working in a hospital other than Luth for my NYSC and wedding preparation. I could go on about how stressful this was but I learnt a lot from market runs to managing people and emotions to multitasking to casting my cares on God.

The highlight of my year is getting married to my Bestfriend😁. I understand it may sound cliche but that’s just the plain truth. God made it go so smoothly and it was beautiful too. Getting to do life with someone who genuinely loves, looks out for you and vice versa is the most amazing thing in the world. The last 8months have been a blissful and interesting growth curve and I look foward to more beautiful phases.

This year I experienced the joy of amazing friendships. I’m particularly grateful for the individual learning curves we’ve all had to go through. I learnt a lot from especially my female network, a different breed of good women excelling in different spheres of life. I anticipate how bright the future is.

This year also came with challenges. I learnt to be a better physician and understand how hard it was to lose a loved one. I hope to live a life worthy of emulation, a life of service to God and humanity. I pray to die empty😇.

Last year I wanted to learn more about finance and technology. This year I saved way better thanks to YHP network .I’m looking foward to doing better next year and to really become tech savvy🤓. I see the world as a global village now and I’m willing to explore as far as it lets me.

2018 was a year I actively depended on the power of prayer. God came through for me in numerous ways. I passed exams, God granted me safe journey, He provided in miraculous ways. I learnt to enjoy the little things. I had to go to places and handle situations way out of my comfort zone. I learning to ask for help and to totally surrender to God’s leading.

I’m excited about 2019, I’m on a journey to self discovery and I’m enjoying the experience. I hope to get a clearer career path, to communicate effectively, to tick off more places on my travel bucket list, to be a better person to everyone I come in contact with, to discover more of what God has put in my hands and use themeffectively to His Glory.

As I count my blessings today, my heart is so full because J.E.S.U.F.E.M.I.J.UHe loves me too much oo and He sure loves you too😁 Never forget that! Happy holidays 🎈🎉

Compliments for the season.🎄⭐️

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