How To Prepare for a Romantic Relationship.

Hello everyone, it’s Valentine’s Day fam😁 It’s just amazing how much love gets shared today and it gets really emotional and I’m so happy.

Did you get a gift? If yes, awww so cute. If not, come here for a hug.🤗

If you’re single and you feel down, remember that the Creator who made Heaven and Earth loves you so much He can’t get His eyes off you! Infact, your name is written on His palms. Thoughts of you are continually on His mind. So darling, let’s get you prepared for your partner.😘

Well, very unlike me writing about relationship, this is one area I run away from in my writing ventures, however, God has being teaching me a lot and the Holyspirit asked me to share a few nuggets with you.

I used to view relationship from a very frail frame. I believed the foundation should be friendship, both should be believers, if anything is wrong talk about it andddd be calm. Just enjoy each other’s company. Although these are great to note but they’re not the most essential.

Few months ago, God started Relationship Masterclass with me😂😂 it’s been totally awesome and very interesting. He points me to the books to read, YouTube videos to watch and then the Holyspirit convicts me of some of my weaknesses that I had to work on.

1. You’re not qualified to start a relationship with anyone if you don’t have a personal daily devotion with God.

This is the greatest lesson for me so far, it blows my mind each time I remember. God is the source of love and for anyone to claim to love another person, you must first have encountered the love of God. It is the overflow of the love of God in our heart that we share with another.

Staying connected to the source helps give our relationship direction and allow us to be patient with our partner.

To love another person, you need the Holyspirit to help you cos they’ll step on your toes sometimes and you’ve got to forgive.

The Holyspirit helps us see issues that might arise from the Spirit’s point of view.

As we cultivate the relationship with the Holyspirit, He reveals the area we need to improve on to us and gets us comfortable in our own skin.

Most importantly, the Holyspirit leads us to choose the right partner who would help us fulfill destiny.

2. For someone who used to think, “If anything is wrong, talk about it.” I was blown away when I realized men and women are so different by many miles.

You actually have to read to prepare.

The Holyspirit led me to read several books that were so humbling and revealing…

• Love & Respect.

• Not Yet Married.

• Waiting & Dating.

• Things I Wished I’d Know Before I Got Married.

• When God Writes Your Love Story.

. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

• What a man want and what a woman needs.

3. You have to pray for your future spouse even if you’ve not met them yet.

Prayer is the key fam!

Start sowing in the Spirit so you can harvest later. Pray for your marriage and your children. God will even reveal things about your spouse to you and you’ll ignite each other’s faith.

Get comfortable with praying together cos you’ll do a lot of that when you get married. God is the third person in the relationship and the closer you both get in your prayer life, the more you move to God. You can not depend on your partner’s prayer and leave your own altar idle.

Fuel that fire!

4. Patience is key!

Don’t be in a hurry to jump into conclusion, and remember this person is a grown adult with his/her set ways of doing things. Things wouldn’t always go how you want, sometimes you have to meet each other halfway. Don’t nag your partner, send your report to God to handle.

5. You cannot change anyone.

Stop being assistant Holyspirit, tell God and let Him do His work on your partner’s heart. Your persistent complaining will only make the relationship sour and move your partner farther from you.

What tips do you apply in your relationship?

What works for you?

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Something To Learn.

This is a series I’d recommend you watch before getting married.

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