My Top 5 Favorite YouTube Channels.

Hey guyssss!!! I’m so excited today. Who else feels super excited hours – days after watching a movie or video that you connected so deeply with? Tell me I’m not alone.🥰

This happens to me a lot and I love the feeling 😂 It’s just a soulish love connection, I think I should stop blabbing.😅 I felt this thing after watching What Men Want, you should definitely see that movie, and I feel it when I watch some YouTube channels.

YouTube is the new social media!😁

Let’s dive in, in no particular order…

1.Ebony Shanae Evans.

Can you hear me scream!!!! 😱 Gosh! I love her so so much💛

The beautiful thing is the Holyspirit led me to her channel at a very low time in my life. Guys, I don’t know her personally but she’s my spiritual soulmate. Is there anything like that?🤷‍♀️

Here’s what I mean, the Holyspirit speaks to me and then Ebony drops her next video, you’re right, this darling is sharing the exact same thing. It feels like we’re always in the same phase of things in life.🤷‍♀️

Have you experienced something like this before?

It’s so beautiful that sometimes when the Holyspirit tells me something, in my head I’m like when Ebony drops her video, I’ll hear her perspective.

I really do love her and you should subscribe to her channel.

2.The Edwards Family

OMG!!! I almost finished my data watching them. How can a guy be so young, so wise, love God and treat a woman so good! He doesn’t just know the scriptures, He practice what he reads. They’re a fun family especially with their pranks.😂🤣

Have a good laugh.

3.The OhEmGees.

You see that feeling I described earlier, I’m currently in that zone cos of them. God!!! Emmanuel is so wise and patient, Yetunde is a whole mood. Woman! Strong, wise, gentle and patient at the same time! She gives the best counsel also. I love how she’s so easy to make things right with her husband. From her, I’ve learnt the importance of pampering your husband so his head can swell. Dear future husbae, I’ll finish you with pampering and everything you desire. No stress zone.💯

Their videos are a mix of fun, realness and wisdom in one package.

4.Transformation Church

Raise your hand if you don’t know Pastor Mike Todd.🖐

Chai! You’re missing o. Just thank me later for been your plug to this amazing fountain.

Don’t let me say so much, let the channel speak for itself.👌

5.Mettabel Okulaja

She just released a video that I think deserves to go viral! Holyspirit gave her revelation of how God created Woman 👩 the surgical procedure, the purpose and plan of God for woman and everything we need to know about man and woman relationship. It’s nothing you’ve ever heard! If you want relationship/marriage as God designed it, you should see this video. I’m sure you’ll be blown away as I was.

Share your favorite YouTube channel with me, share the fun.😘

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