Happy Birthday To Me!

Dear Blog Reader,

It gives me absolute joy to write you this. I am very excited and thrilled to be  alive and well in God.

The last one year has been my best year on earth yet doing exploits for the kingdom and living a life of purpose. I am most grateful for the gift of the Holyspirit, it’s amazing!

As my birthday gift to you this year, I’m releasing The Purple Book. This is my favorite book of the three I’ve written that is available on Okada Books. I shared from my heart as always but with the greatest vulnerability I’ve ever expressed. I’ve received very impactful testimonies already from a few friends who reviewed it and I can’t wait to hear your testimonies also.

I’m grateful to be doing life with you and you following on my journey. It’s a privilege and honor that I’m so grateful to God I have you in my life. You’re my favorite people on the internet and in life.

If you’re yet to subscribe via mail, kindly do so to ensure you get free copy of The Purple Book once it’s released.

Ohh, I have a wishlist.🥳😁

  1. Bible: NKJV & Message version
  2. Swatch wristwatch/Apple watch
  3. Firebrand book & journal by DDK
  4. Send me money to buy the other things on my list. 0114302260 GTB

I currently have no clear plan  for my birthday but I know I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest as always. As I enter into my new year, I enter my season of elevation, I receive more of the Holyspirit, I fulfill purpose and receive greater ability to express my ministry.

Please love me with prayers. Ask God to fill me with more of Him, to help me hear Him clearly, see Him as I ought to and understand as I am to. To fulfill my purpose and continue to be a vessel in His arm. Be set battle-ready at all times for the work of the end time, the laborer are indeed few. To be a vessel of honor and to bring glory to His name. That I’ll receive clarity concerning every matter. Amen

I love y’all so much and I’m grateful for the gift of you. Thank you for your contribution to Perry’s Tots. Thank you for always encouraging me and loving me.

All my love,


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