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Hello awesometastic family members. Happy new month! I know it’s been a while here, I have been busy ensuring you get the gift called The Purple Book as promised. 

Writing this book has been a series of listening and obeying instructions from the Holyspirit, I can’t believe this was what God had in mind on that beautiful Thursday evening on the second day of April 2019. My mind is blown by how strategic God is about His plans.

Please, I urge you to follow God’s instructions no matter how foolish it seems because obeying the first instruction is hinged on your promotion to the next level. I will share all the lessons I learned later because aside from writing the book through the help of the HolySpirit (PS: I have read it repeatedly and I know I did not write The Purple Book by myself) it was also a training class for me; of the three books I have written, this is the best! Can you imagine how I got the title of this book via autocorrect while chatting with a friend? Hahaha. Every step of this is actually a testimony and I know this book will transform your life and reignite your hope.

It drops on the 18th of August 2019. It is free, God paid for it. (Yes, He paid for it but do not take it for granted.)  All you need to do is subscribe via mail to get it in your mail once it is released.

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