It’s Blogiversary Month || Perry’s Tots is 6!

Perry's Tots is 6


Hello, Perry’s Tots Nation! Happy new month, how are you doing? I want to say thank you to everyone for your support and love on The Purple Book. I have read amazing reviews, received calls of testimonies and I am just glad I obeyed God.

It’s Blogiversary month fam! Perry’s Tots will be SIX on the seventh day of this month. I was just reminiscing about the journey so far and I am deeply grateful to God. Sometime last year, I was trying to understand certain things about the purpose of the blog; and I can now appreciate the direction God is taking us.

Thank you so much for your support, love, and care over the years. Wow! Our baby is SIX. I had no idea this blog was going to birth so much when I started and I’m sure God is looking and saying you have no idea what lies ahead of you. Thank you so so much for standing and journeying with me. For all your comments, likes, retweets, sharing and loving on Perry.

For now, no official celebratory event probably later in the year; as the Spirit leads. Special shout out to DatOneLady, BloomnThots, Annie Ejiofor, Kuku Adenike, Dami Olaomo, Oluwatobi Adebiyi, Just Journal, Tsetsewaa, Tgoldokerede, Sideeq Mistura, Seyifunmi Alomaja, Logvblog, Bibobrah, Omotola Fadunola Mustapha, Bimbo Olajide, mspee02, and Ibukun Awodehinde. I see you fam and I love you right back!

Take THE PURPLE BOOK as my blogiversary gift to you. Lol Please, I’m accepting gifts too by the way. If you’ve read the book, please share your experience below. I want us to have conversations around it. Maybe a book-reading later. If you’ve not read it, please what are you waiting for? It’s not even a lengthy read. Fam, please help share the book too. Download your free copy here.


Latest Happenings With Me.


I’m enjoying work in the emergency room. I have super cool colleagues that make work bliss. Baby girl was ill a few weeks ago but I am doing fantastic now. Super glad God did not give me what I wanted but what He knew was best for me.

Personal Development.

I am currently offering the Forerunners Firebrand course organized by Debola Deji-Kurunmi, it’s a 10 weeks course and it’s deep. Lol. It’s quite intensive but I am enjoying every part of it; as I am been prepared for the journey ahead in my walk with God. I am also attending Christain Leaders Advance Strategic Service Intensive, Interactive and Interdenominational Course (CLASSIIIC) online organized by my home church. I attended last year and I cannot even imagine missing it this year. Thank God for technology.


If you’ve read my book, you know I now live at Abeokuta. It’s three months already and I am relishing the new environment, such  peace, and quiet, plus home is not far from work, no traffic. My sister and cousin came to spend a few weeks with me and I enjoyed their company so much until they had to leave. I have readapted to living alone. Lol PS: If you live alone, what’s your experience?                                                                                                                                    I have met amazing people here and I think a girl has a crush or something more than that. Time will tell. Hahaha


I found a church. When I moved here, I really wanted God to lead me to a church, I attended nice ones but I wanted the approval of the Holyspirit. I finally did when I attended the Rock Foundation Church. After my first time there, I knew this was it. My sister and cousin enjoyed their time there as well, that was double confirmation.


Goals for the year are getting accomplished daily and I am thankful for growth. Please pray for me, I really want to publish Perry’s Vision Journal; I started working on it in 2016.

I think that’s enough update for now. How have you been? Talk to me. Send me a mail Call me…if you have my number. Lol I really want to hear from you.

Never forget that I love you fam. Hugs & Kisses.

 I am:

Loving- The HolySpirit.

Learning- From the book, Crushing by TD Jakes

Inspiring- The Purple Book.


Love. Learn. Inspire.

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