Perry’s Christmas Challenge

Hello fam! How are you doing? It’s a cool Sunday evening in my part of the world and it’s exciting to know Christmas is knocking. The joy of the season and what the birth of Christ signifies for us as believers is indispensable and worth everything!💛

Like I shared earlier on the blog, I currently reside at Abeokuta in Ogun State serving my Nigeria. It’s been a beautiful journey so far in every way; meeting amazing people and I’ll always say yes to a town that gives so much peace.

On my street, I have a lovely woman I patronize and it took a few visits to her shop to realize she has a physical challenge. I was thrilled the day I saw her return from market when she had gone to buy goods for her shop. My heart broke to pieces the day I saw her in the rain crawling on the floor filled with large pockets of dirty water! I decided to find out how I could help. On discussing with her, she had tried to get a wheel chair that could easily help her move around but to no avail.😢

I want to make Christmas come early for her this year by getting her a wheelchair. This would really help her and make living each day easier. Please join me in #PerrysChristmasChallenge by donating to this cause if you feel led to do so. Thanks

Perry’s Christmas Challenge

God bless you and He will reward your labor of love.



Update: We now have #76,000 out of #76,000 THANK YOU!👏🏽👏🏽

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The Purple Gathering

Save 30th November, 2019 in your diary.

You don’t want to miss this, I promise you! Also, we would share blogiversary cake!💃🏽

Finally, it’s almost the time of the year for 31Days 31Voices.

I look forward to reading your mind blowing testimonies of victories won, battles fought and trials surmounted in 2019! So start thinking about sharing your amazing stories that will change lives. 🙌🏽

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