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Hello Perry’s Tots Nation! How are you doing and are you beginning to smell Christmas and 2020 in the air?! For me, the past few weeks have been FULL! Currently preparing for The Purple Gathering in less than 11 days and also working on Perry’s Christmas Challenge then trying to get slots filled for this year’s edition of 31Days 31Voices plus preparing for exams! When I was beginning this season I wondered how I will soar through, but I believe I am doing well only by the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.

I was very ill last week and had to get intravenous medications and I literally felt my body was alien to me but right now, I thank God for good health. God is faithful fam! I thank God I got a few days off work; for the amazing friends and family who stood by me and cared for me. Special thanks to Sandra Chimeh and my senior colleague, Dr. Ajibola.

After church yesterday, I had a lot of chores to do in preparation for resuming work this afternoon and while at it I remembered this post I wrote in 2015 here and took a walk down memory lane through the most significant years of my life and the lessons that they left me with.

The year 2001 taught me what real life is following the loss of my mum, 2009 taught me, to hope never disappoints, 2012 made me realize no man can ever fill a void God is to occupy in my life, 2013 showed me writing was a gift I still had within me and to live life not just survive and also that romantic love without drama is possible! 2015 taught me to rest in God. 2016 made me realize you can grow tremendously with your romantic partner and have peace and enjoy things together. 2017 made me see there are realms of God that exist I never knew about. 2018 taught me rebirth, that others can but I cannot because of destiny, still one of my life-shattering encounters, it literally rerouted my existence and my life has not been the same. 2019 for me has felt like the breeze hitting my moisturized face by the beach as I take in the views, although I will share more during our series next month. (You can tell I love nature lol meditating at the beach is one of my favorite things, very therapeutic)

I want to read how your 2019 has been and feature YOU on this year’s edition of 31Days 31Voices, you can read the last edition here. It helps to reflect or review your year holistically while planing for the new year.

I look forward to seeing you on the 30th of November at 10 am if you registered for The Purple Gathering. If you have not registered, make sure you do so now here. The venue will be sent to guests who register only. I need your support to buy a wheelchair for a lady, please donation details can be found here as well.

Something I’m Learning!

Guys, last week I received the Superwoman Award from Immerse Inner Circle Coaching Company, so I’m currently learning a lot in preparation for the upgrade that’s about to happen in my life in 2020. I’m not joking guys!!! You can also check them out on Instagram if you want to join the moving train next month.

PS: This is my second award this year, the first was from Firebrand Forerunner Bible school, remember I gave you the bible school gist here. I see more awards in 2020.

Please, what have you been up to? Kindly use the comment section below. I’m beginning to think it doesn’t work or my readers have difficulty in sending their comments on the blog. Please let me know via mail Thank you so much.

All my love,


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