Day 1: Sandra

I welcome you to the seventh edition of 31Days31Voices, as it’s custom we all get to share our stories around the fire of time. The entries I have received so far are really inspiring and I look forward to an inspirational edition with a heart full of thanks. Take my hand as we ride…🥳

Dear Adepero,

Thank you for the opportunity to share my 2019 experience with Perry’s Tots Nation. This year
started out for me without my having any plans or resolutions in place (as is my culture to do), it
seemed I just continued my 2018 life’s story. I was to complete my internship program in February and thereafter apply for National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), I already had the preceding months carved out in my mind’s eye, I would conclude the internship, get retained in the prestigious pharmacy and undertake my one year NYSC program there and get official job placement therein..Life seemed just perfect!!! Little had I known what God had in store for me, I can imagine Him just grinning at me back then.
March 2019 came so quickly, I began registering for my NYSC alongside preparation for my pre-qualifying examination as a pharmacist. I recall
praying at that time for God’s will to be done, but in my mind I already had things sorted. God
started calling my attention during my registration, as I kept encountering difficulties and delay, at
some point I was so overwhelmed I wanted to let it all go. During the last phase of the registration, the part where I had to select my preferred states, I was so nonchalant and I left the computer

attendant to make the selection (all God at work).

Now bear in mind that my indifference was due

to the fact that I had paid a “certain ” individual to influence my posting to my state of choice. My
day of reckoning finally came when I checked my dashboard and alas I saw “Sagamu” camp
staring at me, for a minute I assumed Iyana ipaja camp had relocated to sagamu (laughs). My dear
Perry‘s Tots Nation! at that very moment instead of anger I had this funny kind of peace (a repeat of an
My 21days in camp left me with experiences and lifetime friendships, towards the end I
pre-informed my newly found friends of my redeployment and was even waving goodbyes (a big
lie). To theirs and my greatest surprise 3wweeks later I found myself back at Abeokuta, all human
endeavors had failed, this is where my journey started with God. With a savings account of almost
nothing I started life in Abeokuta, this was the first step I had to take as God started
teaching me to depend on Him. I still had a lot of unanswered questions and amongst them was
how I would survive with the stipend we were being paid plus I had a financial commitment that
would be taking 90% of my income. It was at this point God reminded me of the gift of baking He
had given me, so here is me “a whole pharmacist ” resorting to selling #50 snacks, oh what
shame.😂 However, I had no choice so I put my pride in my empty pockets and started doing table
to table sales, in no small time I had become famous (being addressed as Sandra chinchin), I was
making more deliveries than I could handle and I always had on time financial supply. Now this
seemed like the reason God brought me to Ogun state, to start my small business right? Not bad,
but wait for what happens next.. I would not deny the fact that I knew God and perhaps had a
relationship with him, but unlike the sons who feast on the Father’s  table I was as the dog barely
eating scraps of the floor. God had to bring me out of my familiar and comfortable zone to point
this out to me.
Sometime in May during registration at my place of primary assignment, I met Adepero and after a short conversation I knew I wanted her to be my friend, so we exchanged contacts and kept in touch occasionally, she had called me once to order a cake, so I kept her name
in my customer list(smiles).
Now fast forward to September I finally got the answer I had asked God earlier (why Ogun state), it was almost four months after my meeting with Dr Adepero, when she calls me out of the blues to meet with me ( I was already happy as I thought she wanted to order another cake, woe betide me), we met and the next question she asks me is if I wouldn’t mind being her prayer partner (of all shockers), I quickly agreed even though I didn’t know what to expect, I was just anticipating.
My dear Perry’s Tots Nation, that meeting was my encounter as I have never been broken that way in my life, it was like I saw myself through God’s  eyes and after that meeting I let go of all my baggages,( I used to live in apprehension all the time), I started learning how to trust Him, I started seeing Him as my ABBA, I became more aware of the Holyspirit,
speaking in tongues, learning to listen and obey the leading of the Holyspirit (this seemed hard, I’m
still on a journey) I’m  not there yet, but every day is a new experience and mind renewing
encounters, people would see me and favor me, my business is in high demand, I stopped worrying about what the future holds but listening to God for directions.
So I can gladly say 2019 was my year of finding my right place in my Father’s heart. I wish above all else that as you read this, you are pushed to a closer relationship with the Father through the Holyspirit and that God moves you out of your familiar terrain to a place where he has your attention. Amen
Thank you for reading.
Season Greetings from Perry’s Tots.💛
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