Day 5: Mide

Looking back, I think I can say that 2019 hasbeen quite a year for me. It started off pretty well, with me being pumped as usual for a new beginning. I had written down my goals; spiritual, financial, career-wise, educational, relationship-wise, and you name it. Of course, I had also encouraged my readers and followers to do same as the intentional tribe that we are.

I remember attending a vision board party (my very first) organized by The Blogger’s Advocateat the beginning of the year. It was an amazing gathering of creatives where we got to share our goals for the new year and even make our own personal vision board. It was a great and therapeutic experience for me which I would definitely recommend. Like I said it was great.

The twist came however when I started getting instructions that were not aligning with the things on my vision board. The very first was writing a book. The only thing close to any thing writing-related on my vision board was to be more consistent with posting on my blog. So hearing the Holy Spirit tell me “You know you can do this too” while I held a mini collection of quotes in my hand one beautiful morning in January, was not something I was expecting like at all!

But the thing is, the moment I made up my mind to obey, I got almost all I needed in a matter of minutes.

Lesson 1: Things begin to align the moment you obey.

I spent a great part of the year working on my book, so of course that meant giving up on a lot of things. I hardly went anywhere except to church, which was very convenient considering my hermit-lifestyle.

There were days that I was completely over everything. I would simply minimise my manuscript and put on a movie because I was frustrated and anxious, and didn’t even have the words to put down. Like a lost sheep, I went back to the one who had given me this assignment in the first place. In the period of waiting and praying, I began to learn that I can’t do it all on my own like I thought I could. I even refused to tell anybody when I started writing because you know, badass and I can be pretty secretive too.

Lesson 2: You need help. Don’t be afraid to ask

Getting help was great. I told my family, and very few of my friends. The support and the love was overwhelming. In fact, I realised that my vision for the book was very myopic. My family and friends helped me see beyond that tiny dream. I was excited.

However, there were days I had to really wait for the right words, cancel out chapters, and hope that this won’t be another thing I start and never complete. Sleep was a luxury, the hinges of my laptop removed making it extremely uncomfortable to type, and I couldn’t fix it because local woman was broke. I mean, how am I supposed to see the ray of hope when everything around me was saying otherwise?

Lesson 3: Patience is a virtue.

…It may tarry, but it will surely come” I held on to that as I began to see God do wonders. I got destiny helpers as my editor, graphic designer, publisher and I cannot wait to reveal the masterpiece that God has helped me birth.

I am forever grateful to my amazing circle of friends and accountability partners who held my hand throughout even as I battled with anxiety constantly. The long encouraging phone conversations with my Dad about how this project is going to be a turning point for me is something I would never trade for anything.

Lesson 4: Surround yourself with people who really understand your purpose.

In 2019, God gave me a very special gift, one that I had been expecting for a while. I can truly say it was a year of intimacy with him. I was taken out of my comfort zone countless times, given responsibilities that I wouldn’t have dreamt of and got opportunities that I had thought were farfetched.

In one word, it was a year of ‘stretching’ for me, and I am excited to see the results come 2020.

And, I’m very grateful to Dr Adepero for the opportunity to share this. Thank you.


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