Day 6: Adanma

Thank you @Perrystots for letting me be a part of this year’s 31days31voices’ edition.

Let me start by saying God has been mighty good to me.

Reflecting through the year about the victories, growth, lessons and challenges has been exciting for me. It has given me the opportunity to refresh down memory lane.

I remember 2018 crossover service into the new year,  I had the opportunity to scribble down my goals and expectations for 2019 in service. Miracle God! God of wonders! I am glad to say all my plans fell through o! Some as planned and some,  God had better options for me instead.

The experiences have been enlightening. I have won so many battles, made new friends, learnt new skills, improved on old ones, picked up new habits, developed interests and passions, explores new grounds. Spiritually, it has been phenomenal; working with God, growing in grace, breaking up fallow grounds. The year has not been all rosy, I had challenges, issues, my passions were strained, I lost a few battles. Most of all, I came out strong, resilient,  tougher and an unyielding hope to be better.  I learnt to be intentionally happy, stay on track, pick my battles and trust life to take care of its own issues.

There are so many experiences to share, lessons learnt and stories to tell about 2019, but one of these stands out for me and it’s about the lessons learnt.

Middle of the year, I started out on a journey of self discovery, reinvention and development of a personal work plan, using a book titled “The personal business plan by Stephen Bruyant-Langer“. I was given the book 4 years ago at a career seminar in my final year of medical school. However, I never got through to the end back then because it was a sedative pill, not until May/June, I attempted to go through the book again and it was worth every bit of my time. It was a soul searching process for me, reaching deep within, finding a balance between my personal and professional life respectively, being aware of my unique identity, managing my priorities to experience life maximally and familiarizing myself with the vision God has for me.

I picked out a few nuggets for the road;

Happiness: dare to be happy. Be intentional about it, be dilebrate in choosing it.

-Family: cherish your loved ones. Goodwill in family relationships is like money in the bank.

Passion: the secret source of drive. Do what I enjoy doing. Be purposeful in my choices. Work on my priorities.

Commitment: there’s nothing as rewarding as demonstrating staying power to achieve success in the face of obstacles.

Integrity: be trusted and honest in all my doings. Trust is the new currency of digital age. A trusted partner is crucial for success.

In summary, I learnt to be generous and charming in my scintillating demeanor, dare to be happy, cherish loved ones, strengthen my distinctiveness and uniqueness, make my competencies mobile enough to try out new skills, be tolerant, inclusive, acknowledge my blind spots, celebrate victories; success rituals are fundamental to sustained performance”.

I am crossing over into the year 2020 with clarity, conviction and commitment to be credible across different spheres of life: intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, financially, personally, professionally, mentally and health wise.


Season Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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