Day 8: Omotola

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for this beautiful opportunity Dr. Pero, I do not take it for granted.

I’m not much of a writer but when I received a message from Dr. Pero asking to join in the 31Days 31Voices series, I just thought to myself why not share all you learned this year.

2019 was a year of discovery for me. I gained more clarity about life in 2019.

Few of the lessons learned in 2019 are:

• God is the ultimate, without Him we are nothing. He’s the greatest friend we can have and he knows everything we are going through.

• You own the key to your happiness. Nobody can make you happy, not even your spouse, children, siblings, parents or friends.

• Nobody owes you anything. If they do be grateful and if they don’t please move on.

• Family first because most times they’ll always be there in time of need.

• Start now. There is a particular thing you have been wanting to try or start but you’ve been procrastinating. Please start now because time waits for no man. Step out of your comfort zone.

• Not all that glitters is gold. Never compare your life with someone else’s. Please be content.

• Always show kindness because you never know what people are going through.

All these and more are what I personally experienced this year and I’m forever grateful to God. 2019 was an eyeopener.

Season Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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