Day 9: Temitope

Hi people. Thank you Pero for the opportunity to reflect. I feel like I lived three years in 2019!

2019 – First quarter of the year: January to April

“Dear God what am I going to do? This year is so directionless for me,” those were my thoughts January 1, 2019. A lot of people were jubilating and while I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t too happy either. I had no sense of direction so it was unsettling. I had just resigned from myfavourite job on December 31, 2018. Before I go on, I do need to take out time to celebrate my former place of work International Centre for Reconsteuction and Development (ICRD). Those guys showed me how mentally stimulating and emotionally satisfying a workplace should be. My prior workplace experience at BAG* had been laced with so much venom and toxicity that transiting to ICRD was so surreal, it was a sharp contrast and i almost felt as if I would soon wake up to realize all was a dream.

Anyways, so first quarter began with me finding direction and doing a lot of soul searching. I needed to do a CT scan on my soul to see if there were untreated damages on my soul that I had left to fester. I found some and began intense treatment, thanks to amazing friends and mentors who stood by me. It was in the course of doing this that I started my company – TSAGEandTBOG Consult. I had never imagined that I’ll start a business. Those who know me will often hear me say, I can help others grow their vision, their business, etc but I can’t ever start my own company, that’s not me.” Well, now that’s me and it’s been all shades of amazing. I am grateful to God for the opportunity to become a healing voice to my generation, to learning the art of rising out of pain and shame to wield something glorious to and for the Father. It’s an incredible transformation process.

2019 PRO – Second quarter of the year: May to August

In my second year in 2019, I began an intense capacity building journey. I started courses in psychology to help my innate skills bloom and to also support the certified physiologist in me. No regrets! It’s been an amazing journey. At this phase, I got complaints from my friends that I was too distant or that I wasn’t checking up etc. This is me issuing a public apology to everyone who felt like I abandoned them. I didn’t abandon you o. One of my major resolution this year was to learn the art of looking out for me too. It’s something I never knew how to do and I’m not there yet but I’m so much better at it than I used to. For example, I have a very dear sister – friend who I had to keep my distance from even though she’s a good soul and I terribly miss her but because she became best friends with someone who was toxic to me and I didn’t want to put her in an uncomfortable position, so I took a back seat. Always available when I’m needed but nothing intimate. Has it been easy? Nope. Do I have regrets? Nope.

2019 pro taught me that growth is painful but necessary. Also taught me that nothing is as important as hearing your own voice and communing with the Father.

2019 PRO MAX Third quarter of the year: September toDecember

The best part of my year. This year I entered into rest. This was the year I began to reach out to some friends to find out how they were doing too. So I’ll share with you the lessons I learnt from my three – in – one year journey called 2019, 2019 pro and 2019 pro max.

1. Friendship is serious investment. It’s destiny altering and defining. If you’re not willing to stick through thick and thin then don’t raise people’s hopes.

2. It really doesn’t matter how much you invest in keeping friendships, everyone has issues they’re going through so if you neglect “your happy”, you just might be doing so to your own detriment. Almost everyone I was available for didn’t even realize I had gone MIA 😂😂 It was a discovery that brought me peace and ended the pressure to always want to “check up.

3. Never forget the humanity of your fellow men. As much as people shatter your expectations, realize that you also shatter other’s expectations in even worse forms. The minute you become a judge, you will fall into the trap of what you became a judge over.

4. Never be under the pressure to impress anyone. Be you, do you and those who care will gravitate to you.

5. Never let the actions or inactions of others define who you are.

6. There are seasons of life you need to pull away from the noise and hear what the Father is saying. In those seasons, don’t be under pressure to explain your absence or to balance out. Enjoy the season of consecration because when you’re out, you’ll be a wonder to behold, a whole new person. Please don’t confuse isolation with consecration. If your pulling away from people is putting you in a state of hopelessness, despair and despondency biko reach out to someone. That’s not consecration o. Ma koba mi o.

Thanks for reading y’all. See you in the New Year!!!

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* please just bear with the acronym so that they don’t sue me for defamation.

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