Day 11: Ibukun

The year 2019 for me is captured in this phrase: “Depth before Growth.” 

Last year whilst writing on this page one thing I shared was that I’m on a journey to Destiny…. And I tell you that journey continued still as our Life is a continuum written by God before we ever lived any of it. Kindly read my post last year here to enjoy this one.

My journal this year will be penned under 2 major sub- heading:

1. My journey to Destiny
2. Lessons learnt throughout the Year.

My Journey  to Destiny

Earlier this year, the Holy Spirit ministered the word “rebirth” to me which is reminiscent of the encounter Nicodemus had with Jesus Christ in the Book of John 3. As I sought understanding of what the Spirit meant, this revelation hit my spirit that I will experience rebirth in every area of my life. To go through this at this stage of life when you have your set ways and modus operandi for over 3 decades, it is something totally different and new but certainly worth it. The rebirth for me represented a mindset shift, strengthening of my resolve & convictions, the way I approach life, re-evaluation of my values and dealing with expectation of others.

I did experience a mindset shift this Year because before now, I used to think life just happens and that what will be will be!!! Oh I was wrong, Pastor Tunde Bakare’s messages and books which I read this Year helped a great deal. Some of the messages I must say the truth have been Blockbusters; messages like why make excuses when you can make progress; Moving from survival to sufficiency and surplus living: I can’t recall the title of this one but he said, “The best way to predict the Future is to create it.”

This quote I came across also changed my perspective and approach to life, “Talents and Potentials are nothing without Discipline.” One clear truth I know is that I have a Call of God upon my life and my God given talents and potentials but I had thought I didn’t have to do so much to realize those potentials. This year I became more persuaded that discipline is what makes the difference between individuals in the same profession, craft, trade, business line etc.  I watch Football and I support Chelsea but one player who is an epitome of the earlier quote is Lionel Messi.  He just won his 6th Ballon‘O Dor which is an award for the Best Footballer in the world but what thrills and ministers to me about Messi is his level of consistency, hard work, dedication, passion which certainly makes him unrivaled in the Football space. This year I made up my mind that I will grow, hone, increase, develop my capacity and talents to the glory of God and rewrite my own narrative.

Lessons learnt during the year.

1. Growth is gradual

This is one year that I have grown, I grew in many ramifications. I started my MBA at Obafemi Awolowo University (Oba AwonUniversity) early this year, it has been both fun and exciting since the commencement of the programme, I had to sacrifice watching EPL & La Liga games, Owambe parties and other social gatherings which were not adding as much to my growth process.  Lectures are on Saturday’s and I travel to Ife, OsunState every weekend except on first Saturday’s of the month. I thank God for journey mercies throughout the year and I’m confident that he will keep me next year as I will be completing the programme; by the time I will be writing here again next year, MBA with specialization in Marketing will be in the bag by God’s grace.

2. Follow your convictions, more importantly follow the Holy Spirit

I made up my mind to be intentional about my growth this year which by God’s grace I have kept on. The lesson however is the resistance or hindrance that arose immediately I took the decision. Deciding to take my MBA this year, my Sister and someone I’ll prefer to keep anonymous were against me, saying how am I going to get the funds to pay the fees and other attendant costs but with God’s provision I had paid all my required fees as at when due, some even before due date.  When you set your sights on what you want to achieve, expect a pushback, however have a firm resolve and doggedness to go through knowing you had heard God and He will back you up the journey.

3. Nothing will change until you decide to change it.

I took stock of my life trajectory, I certainly was not satisfied and I decided I was going to change it. I came up with a 6 year development plan which cut across career, finance, personal development and of course my spiritual life. I told myself that I deserve the best things of life; the best wife; children; home; family; friends; cars; shopping at luxury stores; eating in the best restaurants; visiting the best places/cities in the world. To change your life and living, the first thing you need is the decision which for me is the most important step in the journey.

4. Never harbor hurt/hate

Every time I recall that a battery has both positive and negative terminals, and both must be working perfectly to get your car moving. In like manner, to get ahead in life and to fulfill destiny you need the combination of both in equal proportion. The account of Joseph readily comes to mind. However for me, the rejection and a feeling of inadequacy meted to me by someone I really used to care for but this also made me come to terms with a quote I read recently “nothing has meaning except that which you give it.” Also, my pastor will always say that those who look down on you will soon look up to you. This is why you cannot afford to harbor hurt/hate, just release it all to God, he knows how to turn them around and bring the best out of such situations.

Here is my Kill shot…

“When prayer becomes your Habit, miracles becomes your Lifestyle.”

​​​​​​​Tunde Bakare

I’m so grateful for 2019 and the lessons therein which I will certainly take along with me on my journey of Life and I look forward to 2020 with so much expectation knowing it’s a year in which my progress will become evident to all. (1 Tim 4:15)

Thank you Adepero Ajayi for this awesome opportunity once again.

Merry Christmas everyone and have an amazing Year 2020 of Immeasurable Grace.

Season Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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