Day 16: Damilola

I don’t even know where to start about 2019. All I just have to say is thank you Jesus for life. This post is basically sharing my testimony on how God kept me.

I had to move from Lagos to Ibadan late last year because my husband was transferred at his place of work. Gbam!!! this was all I needed for a fresh start in 2019, new serene environment, new people.

Shortly, I got a job (a good one for a place like ibadan) and I started working towards my goals for the year-studying for exams, walking right with God, embracing a healthy lifestyle blablabla. Things started to look good, I mean, “what could go wrong?” I thought to myself.

I missed my period and realized I was pregnant? Again? Oh, I cried because I had had repeated miscarriages in 2018 and I just was not ready psychologically. I became extremely paranoid always checking any little wetness to be sure it was not another loss on the way. Fastforward to about 2months (9weeks thereabout) into the pregnancy, my husband and I travelled to Lagos to see my consultant obstetrician who I’d been consulting privately before our relocation.  The obstetrician asked me to do a pelvic  ultrasound scan. The result revealed the uterus (womb) looked pregnant but there was no fetal pole,  no heart beat. The consultant tried explaining all the medical grammar to my husband – simply put, we might be looking at another miscarriage as nature will take it’s course in not more than two weeks if we refused an evacuation. I tried arguing blindly. P.S: I had almost forgotten all the medicine I studied in school for 7 years as receiving too many negative results regarding my health had probably blocked my reasoning, so the doctor had to bring out a textbook on Obstetric Ultrasound to prove to us that he was very sure of the prognosis.

We left Lagos that Saturday but stopped by at Redemption Camp on Lagos-Ibadan expressway where we cried and prayed our hearts to God for a miracle. Afterwards, we opted for a second opinion from another Doctor but he also confirmed what we were told previously. At that point, I remember my husband asked me ” Dami, whose report do you believe?” I said “God’s report.”  Then we tied our faith to all of God’s promises concerning having a safe pregnancy and delivery.

I registered with another obstetrician privately in Ibadan for antenatal even though at this point I still did not have any sign of pregnancy apart from a missed period. A scan was then done at this Hospital, Lo and behold, we did not only see a heartbeat, we saw a tiny baby forming in the womb. HALLELUYAH.


The pregnancy was fine now and I was placed on weekly progesterone injections to support. I grumbled at getting jabs every week. Lol!! Fastforward to 2nd trimester and I was healthy with all the energy in the world. My family had come visiting and I had a swell time. The night(Saturday) after they left, I was about to go to bed before I realized I was spotting (minor bleeding). I panicked and rushed to the private hospital where they placed me on bed rest for two days. I was discharged on Monday morning but decided to stay back till hubby was back from work so as not to be home by myself. Around 2pm that Monday, while chatting with hubby on my phone, I realised my hands were shaking and I could feel my heart beating fast. The nurses ressured me that I was fine but I knew I only felt worse. In what seemed like a flip second, I could no longer breath and my vital signs deranged. From there to emergency room in UCH Ibadan to Intensive Care Unit where I was fighting for my life and that of the baby on oxygen and monitors beeping all around.

I looked at my husband-Oluwole, parents, loved ones and I just wondered if that was the end of everything. I thank God for His healing power and helping me survive a pulmonary embolism that kills people very quickly.
I was discharged and placed on anticoagulant injection that i had to jab by myself with EVERYDAY from then till two weeks after delivery of my baby.

My pregnancy was termed high risk and I had countless tests and clinic appointments every week to monitor the pregnancy.
I thank God for preserving my baby through it all and she came in August very healthy  and perfect despite all the unsafe medications I had to be given just to save my life. I thank God for His word that never fails, all His promises are still being fulfilled.

I thank God specially for my husband, best friend, soul mate, lover, prayer partner as we celebrate our wedding anniversary today 16th December- for being so caring, loving, supportive with an unwavering Faith that all will be well even against all odds.

I thank God for my parents as God had mercy and they did not have to bury their daughter.

I thank God for Adepero…hmm, a woman of faith who prayed, encouraged, visited and spent her birthday with me. We held on together in faith with “Testimony loading, it will end in Praise ” and it sure did.

I thank God for Ibukun Otepola, Opeyemi Mariam, Idowu Dabiri, Pastor Demola Oyekan and so many other people who God used to stand and pray with us this year.

2019 made me understand so many things and thankful for all especially regarding the ability to breathe.

I thank God for His word that never fails.
Above all, I’m thankful for life. I return all the glory to The Great Physician, The Perfect Master Planner, Beautiful Plot Twister and Wonderful Script writer who turned situations around for good. Looking forward to 2020 for bigger testimonies.


Season Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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  1. Now this is beautiful. I love it. Inspiring, stimulating and faith-provoking. God bless you dear. Your daughter is blessed. The outcome of such tedious and testimony-filled process as this is definitely GRACE. God bless you and your husband for trusting the Lord’s report. Blessed!

  2. We’re grateful to God for you and your family babes. You’re a testimony and God’s not even started with you yet. Love you plenty

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