Day 19: Yomi

Going into 2019, I had so much expectations about the year, I just knew it was going to be a different year and indeed the year came in different phases. My word for the year was manifestation and I experienced same, I manifested as the son of God that I am.                  

In every phase of the year 2019, God created remarkable memories with me, memories that I would forever remember and be grateful to Him for.

Friends, it may not be the story you expected, but God never drops the ball. I would have to break my story into the different experiences I had with God in the year 2019. It is a summary of what Jesus looks like in my everyday life, my gloriously ordinary and often messy life.

Fast forward into the year, my friend and I had a fatal accident while returning home from work on Eko bridge here in Lagos, two of my car tyres the front left and the rear left tyres suddenly went flat in the middle of the expressway while the car was on high speed, how the car came to a halt I can’t explain. I wasn’t even the one driving, I was ill and fast asleep when I suddenly woke up when the car started making noise, shaking and almost summersaulted over the bridge.                                                    

Mehn, I could barely breathe. My heart pounded in my chest. My whole life flashed before me within a split second. All I could do was scream Jesus and indeed Jesus calmed the storm “Even my car tyres and the car obeyed him!” Fear not, for I redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you. Isaiah 43:1-2 (ESV) This scripture found practical expression in my life. God yet again glorified Himself in my life.

This same 2019, my years of deep relationship ended, and the ripping apart felt the way a sheet looks when it is torn in two. Shredded. Loud. Sudden. Jagged. Well, the Christian life is one marked by daily deaths and resurrections. “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit” (John 12:24). This one had to die for another one to come alive. God beckoned for me to let go and move on (after the event that I had tried reconciling, but to no avail), During this period, I prayed continually, and starting to seek for new friendships. I met a lot of new friends both online and offline and they have been wonderful. I can’t ask for better ones like them. Trusting God in the coming year for the special one that we would walk together, arm in arm through life and with God.

The previous years were more of a year of seed sowing at work and I was certain that I was going to reap my harvest in the year 2019. As long as the earth continues, there will always be a time for planting and a time for harvest. There will always be cold and hot, summer and winter, day and night on earth.(Genesis 8:22). I held unto this scripture like my life depended on it. I was due for promotion at work, but nothing seems to be coming forth.                                                      

Friends, I have learned in 2019 that the time it takes for a seed to grow into a plant that eventually bears good fruit requires patience. Many of us, including me, need to cultivate this patience. We live in a right-here-right-now kind of world, and if we don’t get results quickly enough, we’re often too discouraged to keep going or give up altogether for a different route, truth be told I did. I almost gave up on God and His promises. However, our faith is matured in the tension of waiting, in the stretched-out time of longing.

However, God came through for me. In between, there were moments of sobbing while sitting in my car and placing my head on my desk and sobbed for a while and some few moments of having real conversation with God. Sometimes in September, I got a call and the rest is now history. I got a new job offer with good benefits totally different from what I was believing God for. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re at the end of your rope, just hold on. He’s coming. 

I tweeted this few day ago Natural light, camera and grace! my year in summary. My photography journey is a practical illustration of the proverbial phrase that says, “every denial is a blessing.” Sometimes delays are blessings in disguise, just keep trusting Him. Delay does not mean denial. I was meant to travel for my team off-site meeting during the year. I had applied for visa and all, but the embassy didn’t get back to me, not until the end of the meeting. My team members left for the meeting and I was the only one left at work. I had a whole week without work, during this period God led me into learning photography. It has been a good experience of expressing myself creatively. I am still learning; however, the results so far have been amazing. This is one of the most fun part of the year.

I am grateful to God for creating good music, zobo and food, these good stuff  made this year an awesome one. (My friends laugh and say my list depresses them)  

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, make time to quiet your heart and hear from His. Sometimes the best thing you can do is not to overthink. Just breathe, chill, have zobo and have faith that everything will work out for the best. God will show up. Maybe not how you expect, but He always comes through.

Thank you PERRY’S TOTS for this opportunity to pen down what I have learned, to pause and reflect on the past season before I move ahead into the future.

I am so excited for what’s soon to come, this world is ours for the taking. Cheers to the new year. 

With Overflowing Joy,

Olorunyomi Owobo.


Season Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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