Day 25: Chad

At the beginning of every year, one makes mental notes about resolutions and goals and it’s always necessary to reflect on what was achieved at the end of the year. The big question remains “WHAT DID I ACCOMPLISH THIS YEAR?”

Flashback to January, I found myself in a challenging situation. I had step 1 USMLE to prepare for and I found myself struggling to understand some biochemistry and pathology concepts. It was not easy going back 7/8 years to study the basics but I had to draw inspiration from a few colleagues who had gone through similar experience, and pray for understand and strength from God. In the end, all thanks to the Almighty, the exam went well, the results were good.

I learnt a vital lesson about family being everything. I got to spend quality time with all members of my family (which doesn’t happen often) and that spirit of togetherness and family time was well worth it and needed.

Fast-forward to June and I was back in Lagos, all bank accounts were bleeding and the search for a job began. The apathy towards the country was refueled and reignited after the outrageous and nauseating offers I had to negotiate with whenever I attended any interviews, but We Move!!

This year, I met some womderful people who inspired me. In 2019, I learnt that everything good will come to you, all you need is to do your part (hard work), be consistent at it, and trust in GOD.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the stress and overwhelming tide of life, and sometimes we forget about those little moments that brought us joy amidst it all. Most of us don’t even recognize our accomplishments because we spend so much time focusing on what went wrong or what we missed out on. Looking back, we have all achieved something this year and it should encourage us to look forward to the new year with optimism. Wherever we are, whatever we do, we should always remember to grow in relationship with God, look out for one’s self, grow personally and collectively, have time for recreation and fun, set goals and deadlines and be consistent in achieving them.

My appreciation to Adepero for this opportunity and for challenging the writer in me.

May God favour us and guide us as we achieve our goals for next year. Selah!!!


Merry Christmas from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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