Day 26: Oluwadara

It’s been a while, I wrote an article( I totally should do this more often). Thank you Pero for the opportunity to take a break and write about the year’s reflections.

The year started out well, I had goals, plans and was looking forward to what the year would bring. I knew I had some big decisions to make and I really couldn’t see how everything would unfold.

2019 was a big mix, there were a lot of highs and lows too. One thing I’m grateful for was strength to push through the lows. I learnt a lot of lessons, I’m shocked it’s just been one year( it feels like a decade).

Now business, running JustJournal has been something( JustJournal is my stationery brand by the way, she’s my little baby). I got some inspiration to start a to-do and daily review accountability group and i met some super amazing people. I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone, thanks to Ella(hillbridge consulting). She urged me to take out time to meet new people, network and go for fairs. So far it’s been great and I made new friends too (yay!).

I’m also grateful for family and friends, being super  supportive and encouraging even when it seems like i can’t go on(it can be tiring sometimes). Still reviewing my year and planning for 2020, I’m looking forward to what it unfolds.

Now one big lesson I learned is facing fears and challenges head on, so I’m not perfect at it but I’ve been taking baby steps. Even though it can be hard and it’s like you’d burst, it ends with a feeling of accomplishment and victory 💃and so I’m willing to push through.

One thing i did afraid was creating  my 2020 stationery collection, I made a ton of stuff and it was a lot. I’m glad I’ve been able to start and I can’t wait to finish it(you should totally check it out on my page justjournal_ng, they are super adorable )

Second is you can do anything you set your mind to, we limit ourselves when we close our minds to opportunities because we think we can’t do it( think about it might probably be you can’t do it yet!).

I hope you have learnt a thing or two or a part of this made you smile, Happy Boxing day and a Happy New Year in advance.

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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