Day 29: Mayowa

Hello everyone. Once again, I will like to thank Pero for this opportunity to share my story.

2019 for me was a year of discovery and stock taking. It was not one of those years planned out with resolutions, goals, dreams, etc. I completed my NYSC program this year (…finally); I got a job I didn’t apply for, I met a babe, made new friends, and recounting from the previous year, I joined a love family The New”.

During the NYSC program, (which I still feel is a waste of time anyway) I got reposted to a secondary school where I taught Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry across JSS1 – SS2 just about 3 months to rounding up. This happened because an inspection took place at my former place of primary assignment(PPA) and guess what?? I was nowhere to be found, so I got a query and my PPA was changed; What I feared the most finally happened – I was posted to a school. This experience made me realize that I actually enjoyed teaching, particularly having to explain concepts (even though writing lesson notes was a real chore for me).

In all, 2019 brought me a handful of questions. How do I know so much and not know how to move forward? What do I think I know then? Ever been in the place where you are clueless as to the next step to take? This was 2019 for me. I had always been the resourceful guy, or so I thought. A lot of people around me still think I am the next big thing, doing well for myself and all. But I am learning that it isn’t really about what people think as much as it is what I think about myself.

I realized in this past year that there was so much to learn. I love speaking; I thought I knew how to speak but when I was faced with addressing people, I found that there was so much more to speaking than speaking itself. I thought I knew a thing or two about leadership but I never knew leadership had to be intentional for the most part even. I had had people naturally gravitate towards me for advice, support, etc and it all seemed seamless at the time. This year, I had to learn how to lead people who didn’t want to be led because they needed it;

I met GOD again in 2019. I encountered him on a deeper, different level than I’ve ever had.

These experiences have given me a more robust view of the world which isn’t even complete yet. Nothing just happens. Everything has a process and a journey and because of this I respect people a lot more. I respect their journey and their warrior scars. I respect their successes because they earned it. And like them, I must stay the path, search, discover, grow, become.

I hope that this piece serves as an encouragement for everyone going through this phase of re-learning; this phase where it feels like you actually don’t know what to do- Everything will come together. It may not look like it right now, but trust me it’s all fitting together. Gotta believe that.

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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