Day 29: Rolake

Let’s just say I didn’t think reflecting on the year would take a lot of back and forth not only because I feel I haven’t achieved so much but because it just has to be done and then you don’t know who it might help!

I journal a lot but I’d say this year has been the least journaled year, why, I can’t really figure. I actually had thought there was really nothing spectacular in the year, but after having realised that being alive is a luxury to so many others, I changed my mind.

I’d say I’m indeed grateful for life. I have come to understand better each passing day that when there is life, there indeed is hope. You have the energy to press on regardless of seeming difficulties.

Some days ago, I woke up burdened in the middle of the night, I left the bed for the living room just so I might pray. As I opened my mouth, I started to cry pretty much. There and there I realised I’ve been so ungrateful. I began to thank God for all He is to me and all He has done. Really, the devil wants to have us in the unthankful corner but God’s mercy always prevails.

So I’m thankful for family, it’s getting larger✌🏾. No loss of life, No bad news, clean bill of health.

Going through my diary, I realised there are two significant things! One, a part of my life dreams unfolded and gained traction. I am by God’s grace a music minister. I remember how my grandma and I would go back and forth about my love for music and dance when I was younger and would ask if that was what I wanted to do. I’d gladly retort with a bold smile and answer in the affirmative.

Looking through the year, it’s obvious people now know that part of me and call for my service when needed. Slow but steady.

It is quite mind blowing that you wake up one morning and suddenly realise that there are people positioned somewhere to carry you in their hearts. They pray for you, give to you and literally “carry your matter for head”. Not only that, but also finding people wanting to glean from you spiritually, intellectually.. that’s a pleasant feeling I must say.

In the year, I learnt not to despise or undermine my giftings. It is quite costly. When you have an inner conviction to do something or a thought drops in your heart, you got to see to it, else you may not have another privilege to birth something different and unique!

I’ve been working on that sneaky attitude called ‘procrastination’ for a while now. I must say this year was a bit better, however, I still couldn’t do one of the things I had planned to do- to revive my blog and also turn my ‘diary of a Lagos commuter’ into an e-book as intended. I started well but guess I allowed situations to distract me. Notwithstanding, I’d keep pushing until I exhale.

Meanwhile, 2020 is taking shape already😉.

In all, I’d say we ought to be thankful in all and for all things! I cannot overemphasise this!!! Gratitude opens a lot of doors, seriously.

Season’s Greetings from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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