What Did You Do With Your Faith?

Hello, fam! It’s been a season of guest writers on the blog and we’re loving it! The platform is ours! I’m very excited when people reach out to share content here that is in line with our vision & purpose.

Today we have Ibukun Awodehinde sharing his inspiring thoughts with us.

At home on Easter Monday 13th April 2020 at about 11:36 AM whilst doing my laundry, this question flashed through my mind and I paused a bit to ponder on it more.

When I get to Heaven and standing before the judgment seat of Christ and the Father asked me this one question, I mean just this question alone, not about my relationships, friends, the school I graduated from or what my final grade points were, not even how I related with my boss(es) or colleagues at work and how I treated the less privileged around me. Not that all these are not important but God is focused and asking about this one treasure He handed to me while on Earth, “What did you do with your Faith?.”

As I sat penning down my thoughts and appraise myself sincerely regarding what I had done with my faith since I believed. I’m asking myself did I just use my faith to bombard the Father about my needs and wants alone? I need a job, promotion on my current job role, a new car, a luxury apartment in a choice location, a virtuous wife and godly children too, contacts of men of influence, and gatekeepers in the nations of the Earth.

As I kept meditating, I said to myself that if these were all I could use my faith for, then I have fallen short nor followed the examples written for our learning in Hebrews 11.

This was men and women who used their faith in God to subdue kingdoms, worked righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouth of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, became valiant in battle, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. And yet all these heroes and heroines died without receiving the promise, yet you and I who had received the promise of the Father with the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ can only use the same to ask for that which does not have eternal relevance or significance?

This will be a series as we take an in-depth look at those who have gone ahead of us and what they did with their Faith. I pray that in this season as the shift and shaking are happening, we will tap into the move of God and place the right demand on the faith in us as Sons to ask for the mountains, Nations and the ends of the Earth (Psalm 2:8) because the whole world is our Parish.

Remember whatever you don’t use will atrophy.

Ibukun is a business man, photography lover and voracious reader. He can be contacted here.

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