Life Lately with Perry.

Hello Perry’s Tots Nation!!! How are you doing?😁😍🤗

It’s still our blogiversary week. I can’t believe we’ve spent 7 years in this relationship. You are family. You’ve been with me since day 0. Lately I have been learning how to express myself by speaking, as you know, writing is my default but right now, I still have no words to express my feelings.😭😭

I know for certain I am grateful to God, to you and to me.

Perry’s Tots has taught me so many life lessons, one of the greatest is not giving up and it has led me to open so many other aspects of me I didn’t realize were embedded deep within my being. I have grown tremendously and I am sure this space of mine has impacted you one way or the other. Welllll I Hope… 😂

This is just to say thank you. Thank you for following me, reading from me, showing support for my creative ventures, I still need your support going forward. I’m learning a lot, working and hoping to continue to deliver premium content to you. I will continue regardless of stats or challenges. I dey for you as you dey for me, we go ride together titilai.

Follow me on social media, that’s where the conversation continues and I don’t want you to miss out on anything.

Gosh! Can you believe you’ve been following me since I was only a fourth year student in medical school😂😂😂 I cannot wait to share more landmark events with you in my career, finance, creative ventures, new things I’m yet to discover and my romantic relationship! You know I love love. Guys, I’m in love o but I don’t understand what’s happening. It’s as if the person I love doesn’t love me or is confused 😂 this love thing sometimes is complicated except when I’m the one crafting a fictional storyline…I will give you the gist some day soon.😄 Just love your sister in the Lord with prayers.😂🙏🏽

Fam, I started a new job recently and I’m loving it. I’m still trying to adapt to the new demands but I love it. I’m back to Lagos, living the island life.😂😂

So yes, let me gist you about THE PURPLE COURSE. I launched on Monday and I have amazing people in class. It’s been smooth so far and I am excited about this new aspect of my life that’s opening up. We’re still in module one. But see already…

I just thank God for the special grace of starting and finishing projects I plan.

Ehen, I started a prayer group during the lockdown and by the end of this month, we would have prayed daily for 6months + 2weeks. It can only be God. We end our daily session this month and the testimonies are just wow! God is Great! We have all grown spiritually and it’s so obvious.

I think that’s the latest gist with me. What else do you want to know, ask me. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on IG @perrystots.

I love you scatter. To many more years. 🥂

By God’s grace, next year, we must turn up. Mark your calendar 7.9.2021.❤️

There’s no Perry’s Tots without you.🥰☺️😘

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