Day 2: Sandra Chimeh

Hello Perry’s Tots Nation,
Thanks for another opportunity to share my year’s experience, I’m honoured. God bless you. As I
sat to put pen to paper, a surge of thoughts swept through me; “What was I thankful for”?, “Did I
get all I asked for in the year 2020″?. These thoughts unsettled me, but just as I was becoming
doubtful, I received strength from the Holyspirit, and He gently reminded me of every beautiful
experience the year 2020 brought for me. So permit me to tag this year MY FAVOUR YEAR!!!!
My dear Perry’s Tots readers, take a seat and a bottle of water and journey the year with me
The year started with me having conflicting thoughts on where to work PostNYSC, service
year in Abeokuta had been wonderful (you can read my last year’s post for that), but was I going
to remain in Abeokuta for another year?, this question troubled me. I then started seeking God’s
face, I prayed and fasted and waited. Favour came knocking at my door, towards the end of
January, a company I had not directly applied to but someone had referred me (gift of men),
started to talk to me on taking a job role in their organisation, initially I wanted a Lagos job, so I
kept praying. Moving on to February, I didn’t hear from the employer, worry began to creep in, but
bless God for my firebrand sister (Adepero), she prayed with me and encouraged me to trust God,
reminding me of His promises. Shortly after, I got called for the interview (hurray), it went well
and a week after I got called to pick my employment letter.
Then Covid hit, I work in a pharmacy,
so we didn’t get time off work, work was more than overwhelming, the rush, pressure, fears and
concerns of people, having to manage that was a bit difficult, but God kept us strong. During the
pandemic, my firebrand sis Adepero introduced me to a prayer group (A people of prayer), at first
I hesitated because I was scared of being responsible to lead people to pray, but how was I going to grow spiritually if I didn’t make a positive move. It was a group that prayed daily for more than 5months, we shared the word, had book reviews, held online vigils, had intercessory prayer
sessions. This prayer group changed my life; spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.
This kept me joyful and encouraged all through the pandemic. I didn’t want it to end…
Before I go further, I would like to share a Bible verse that carried me through the year : From the
book of Esther; Esther 2 verse 17 And the King loved Esther above all the women, and she
obtained grace and favour in his sight more than all the virgins; so that je set the royal
crown upon her head and made her queen instead of Vashti” KJV. Apostle Joshua Selman calls
it, Favour on sighting. This was my major reality in the year 2020. I can confidently say I
unlocked the favour gate upon my life.

Lets start with my workplace, I found favour in a strange land, I related easily with clients, I gained the trust of clients, I was greatly honored  (finances and opportunities), as if that wasn’t enough, favour found me from management, as I was recognized
for the services I render and rewarded. Through the help of the Holyspirit I gained mental
capacity, I took on varying leadership roles and excelled in them.
Another highlight of the year for me was the friendships I made. During the covid lockdown, I wasn’t thinking of making new friends because people were hardly moving and we had to migrate virtual to keep communication lines open ( this was difficult for me because I am not an internet savvy
person). However, favour yet again found me, as I met an amazing friend during the pandemic we grew close, we talked on life issues, prayed together and studied together. I never felt by myself amidst
the covid lockdown, it was really heartwarming (I know you are reading this and smiling, God bless you for the gift of genuine friendship, you are loved and appreciated dear).
I had the opportunity to attend Firebrand Forerunners Bible school and trust me, a wonderful decision made, talk about life

transformation one hundred percent; spiritual, physical, mental and financial illumination was
gained and I used those concepts in the year. I also attended The Purpose course ( You should
make sure its on your to do list for 2021) organized by my very own sister Adepero. Imagine
coming out of the pandemic with a mind shift, I started living purposefully after the course, my
mind became realigned!! Let me pause to scream THANK YOU JESUS.
Here are the lessons learnt in the year 2020:
Trust God totally: I prayed and thanked God from the beginning of the year, not knowing
what the year held in stock, but trusting God who knows the end of everything. I
encourage you to practice trusting God.

Build firebrand alliances: Who are the people speaking into your life? They matter,
choose men and women whose life align with God’s plan for them, individuals who can
hold you accountable, the People of prayer was that and more for me. The seeds of
prayers we sowed is still producing good fruits today.
Don’t underestimate the gift of men: God still uses men to bless men, let go of pride and
honor men. This year has thought me that God can use any and everyone to bless you.
But I need to sow my seed of humility amd honour.
Thanks for taking the time to read through, I hope you were blessed. I pray that the new
year brings more of Gods favour and surprises into our lives and when we reconvene to
tell our stories next year, there would be an evident change of levels. God bless you.
Sending virtual hugs and kisses.

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