Day 10: Ibukun Awodehinde

Sometimes I ruminate on why God created the family as the first institution. I believe the family is the foundation and bedrock of every other thing that’s needed to lead a fulfilling life on this terra firma. In Deuteronomy 33:7, Moses the man of God prayed for the tribe of Judah and said: “Hear, Lord, the voice of Judah, and bring him to his people….”
In 2020, God brought amazing people and family my way of which I’m super grateful for. I was connected to two families: The People of Prayer Group and The Legacy Prayer Watch Team. God used these two families to steady my ship and enabled it to sail continuously through turbulent seasons and moments of despair during the year. 

The year 2020 was a potpourri of everything. I’m sitting here thinking of how or where to start penning down my thoughts on the journey so far. I recall my post on Perry’s Tots last year where I mentioned that depth usually comes before growth. This year has been a season of growing deep roots in all ramifications, although there are still some challenges here and there which are common to man but hey, I still dey on top.

The year started off with great excitement and vigour. I held on to God’s word for the year as My Year of Immeasurable Grace. I also made up my mind to consolidate on the gains of 2019 which was quite transformative for me. In 2019, I experienced a paradigm shift when I started my MBA and had this unexplainable zest and positive outlook about life again with a renewed desire to crack and achieve my goals. 

Then COVID-19 came but known to God are all His works from eternity (Acts 15:18). There was palpable fear and tension gripping the hearts and minds of men including the elect, but during this time, God stirred the heart of a friend to start The People of Prayer Group. In that prayer group, young men and women from different churches came together to pray, intercede and receive clarity from God for the season. Oh how I enjoyed our fellowship together! It was the highlight of the lockdown. We read books like The Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow, God’s Favorite House by Tommy Tenney, Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge and Firebrand by Debola Deji-Kurunmi (DDK). It was also a refreshing time building an online lifetime bond with fellow firebrands. Can you believe that? We later had an on-site meeting (a vigil) in September and for some of us, it was an opportunity to see one another physically for the first time. We had an awesome experience with the Father during the vigil. I remember attending the Firebrand Bible Course (organised by DDK) during the lockdown, which was mind shifting and a platform God used to take me into deeper realms in Him.

Another high point of the year was being a part of the Legacy Youth Fellowship Prayer Watch team. We came together during the #ENDSARS protest. We realised the need to pray for our nation and to also intercede for the youths, trusting God for protection and covering for everyone who participated in the protest. Also, as a team, we had to plan, organise and publicise the Spontaneous Prayer and Worship event that held November. We used every platform at our disposal to push and publicise the event and people were simply willing to deliver on their assigned task as Psalm 110:3 says. I was shocked that I could even do publicity…lol. So take note that I can be your publicity plug, hahaha. Personally, the understanding I received from Isaiah 62:1-2 for joining my hands to commit to the work is that duty falls on a person or group to birth God’s agenda and plans for a fellowship, community and nation in their generation. I believe that the Spontaneous Prayer and Worship event was the catalyst to ignite fire and spiritual fervour in our lives.

Lessons Learnt in 2020

  1. Listen to the voice of the Spirit, not your mind, reasoning or intellect.

Hmmm. This particular one is massive for me because sometimes we try to reason out everything and use our intellect to figure how things would play out and then wait for God to rubber-stamp on whatever we’ve decided. Yes God gave us our intellect and mind but we need to understand that the workings of God and His Spirit cannot be reasoned out by the human mind. I had to intentionally shut down the voice of my mind to allow God’s Spirit free course in my life. I was particularly happy when Pastor Tunde Bakare ministered during the last Dominion Partners Quarterly Seminar for the year where he mentioned the same thing using John 10:5. He then led us in prayers along the same line.


2. Limitless possibilities abound in God.

I understood that there are deeper realms in God and the deeper one goes, the more possibilities that are available to that person. The experiences, encounters and light bulb moments I had this year clearly shows that there’s so much more in God that I’m yet to unravel. By God’s grace, 2021 will be the year to launch into the deep where my natural inclinations would give way to the Spirit of God to take full control and have total access.

Thank you, Adepero, for the opportunity to share my 2020 story.

Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and an amazing 2021.

2021 My Year of Total Restoration!!!

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Compliments of the season from Perry’s Tots.🎄

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